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Thread: what color is your SC

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    CSbsbSC Guest

    Re: what color is your SC

    It's fact. red with 5 grams extra of black in it, I actually think it turned out a little bit brighter than the fact. red. It has a grey leather interior.

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    Still Cruisn Guest

    Re: what color is your SC

    I have a "windex blue" (teal) 94 SC 5-speed with grey cloth/leather interior. Does anyone know how to find out how many of each color was made for each model year SC?

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    MN12 KID Guest

    Re: what color is your SC

    Silver/Navy Blue w/ green neon lighting.

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    Bacon n Beer Guest

    Re: what color is your SC

    Black on the outside
    Black on the inside
    Near black tint on the windows
    Tires are black too.


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    NY Supercat Guest

    My XR7's color combo

    Bright red exterior/black leather interior. I wanted a white one, but the red is growing on me.
    I'll be doing the interior completely over...but it'll be a secret until Carlisle 2002.

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    Gendod7074 Guest


    35th Anny, Black and Silver w/ blue stripe

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    forcfed93 Guest

    Re: what color is your SC ..... Photo N/M

    Here's mine!

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    Gregthespy Guest

    Re: Color

    1990 titanium exterior blue leather interior
    Greg Roll

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    jonroe Guest

    Re: Color

    Oxford White
    Black Cloth Interior

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    Apr 2005

    SC color

    94 SC exterior black, interior grey.

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    Dec 2007
    Indianapolis, IN

    My SC color..

    My 1994 SC automatic is:

    Crimson Red Exterior
    Opal Grey (Full)Leather Interior

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