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Thread: ZR Motorsport Intake... FEEDBACK

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    J Zinn Guest

    ZR Motorsport Intake... FEEDBACK

    Now that we have sold quite a few intakes and some have been in use for quite some time, what are your opinions on the part? Is there something that we can improve?

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    Micahdogg Guest

    Re: ZR Motorsport Intake... FEEDBACK

    One concern I had was that I've yanked the tube out (where it connects to the MAF) a couple times now. I'm not sure if it's the solid motor mounts or the higher output motor...or a combo of both that is doing it. It seems like the motor just flexes to the point sometimes where the tube comes out. It hasn't done it for a while now....I think I've got all the connections tightened and adjusted just right, but I was wondering if this was a problem for others or not?

    Otherwise excellent job. You even followed my special instructions!!


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    Rob Noth Guest

    Re: ZR Motorsport Intake... FEEDBACK

    How is the availability on the intake these days? I want to get one but I've seen a few posts saying parts were unavailable so there was a few weeks delay in shipping them out. So I've been waiting to make my purchase.

    One thing I like about the ZR design, as opposed to some other designs that are available, is that the airflow is directed straight into the MAF. Pro-flow has a page somewhere on their site showing how much MAF error you get by placing an elbow in front of the MAF. It is a significant amount.

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    Dave Neibert Guest

    Re: ZR Motorsport Intake... FEEDBACK

    I don't know how well it works since I can't get a response from anyone at ZR Motorsports as to when the one I ordered on Sept. 7 will be shipped. I'll let you know how it works if you will let me know if and when I can expect delivery.
    Thanks, David

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    J Zinn Guest

    ANSWERS #1

    Micah - we have had a few of the tubes want to work their way loose, here is what we have found. (1) the lower tube is not inserted at the proper angle forcing the unit out of alignment (the filter should point as far towards the corner of the bumper cover as possible) or (2) anybody running the larger Pro-M MAF (because it is almost 3/4" longer than stock) will force the situation mentioned in number 1. If you do have the larger MAF, the only solution at this point is to massage it into the position mentioned as much as possible and make sure that the clamps are positioned properly. sometimes because of the exaggerated angles created by the MAF the clamp, although centered on the silicone tube, will only be clamping on a portion of the intake tube itself. this will cure the problem 99% of the time.

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    J Zinn Guest

    ANSWERS #2

    ROB - yes we are searching for a new supplier for the mounting plate. we were having some problems with consitency. they weren't able to keep the required tolerances on the plates, and as a result we were having to send back entire runs before they met our specs. please bear with us and know that the delay is in an effort to assure quality.

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    J Zinn Guest

    ANSWERS #3

    DAVID - I am truly sorry that you have had difficulty contacting us. Please e-mail me with a phone number at which I can reach you and I will get the information to you that you need.

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    scrunner Guest

    Re: ZR Motorsport Intake... FEEDBACK

    I agree Micah

    I've had the same problem. Damn thing has come of a few times down by the MAF. Keep an eye out for the tube rubbing against the MAF & TB too..


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    TurboBird Guest

    Re: ZR Motorsport Intake... FEEDBACK


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    Jason Colone Guest

    Re: ZR Motorsport Intake... FEEDBACK

    I havent had any problems with my ZR intake. I really do like this part a lot. The intake sound is one of a kind. You have my vote.

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    WBK96 Guest


    I just installed the ZR last Friday and I really felt a difference in performance. More than I expected actually. After reading the above posts I went out to look at it, and sure enough the chrome tube was pulled out of the MAF. I moved everything around and the hose clamp is still only gripping about 1/2 of the tube. I think that the best way to fix this would be a longer piece of that rubber tubing that connects the MAF and chrome tube. I think about a 1/2 inch would do it.

    Wes Komarek

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    fred 4 pt 3 Guest

    Motor Mounts

    Could it be that the trouble exists mostly with those cars that are using the solid motormounts? Adds some height to the engine.

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    Tory Smith Guest

    Just a thought about Micha and Darryl....

    I know that on chromed water pumps and outlets I was told to always rough the surface up a little (with some sand paper, just were the hose clamps go). The chrome surface is too smooth for the hose to stick. I was thinking this may be the same the the ZR smooth surface.

    Tory Smith

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    Micahdogg Guest

    Naaa...I don't think that's the problem....

    The hose really seems to grip the chrome well....but I too believe that if that rubber hose was just a tad longer....1/2 to 1 inch longer it would hold it to the MAF better. I would definitely look into this for future applications.

    And Fred, you may be onto something. I know that my motor now sits at LEAST 1 inch taller (no mounts vs. solid mounts), but it would be easier on John's end to just provide a slightly longer rubber connection than to add in a disclaimer for all who have solid motor mounts. Especially since the solid mounts seem to be getting very popular. Happy customers = good for business.


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    NYC Russ Guest

    Re: Naaa...I don't think that's the problem....

    Just for the record, the MN12 intake tube exhibits similar traits

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