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Thread: ZR Motorsport Intake... FEEDBACK

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    Dutch Bird Guest

    ZR intake

    I would like to get the intake from ZR but a buddy of mine out here in the Netherlands had some less positive experience with them. He ordered the intake tube but it took for ages to come and has not arrived untill today (and won't because he canceled the order) they were very easy in informing him about the situation on his order (this is not ment positive!) I don't know how the experience with their way of working in the states is but out here it seems to be a bit difficult. This doesn't mean the intake tube is a less desireable item, need to have it soon.

    Dutch Bird

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    Chickenthunder Guest

    Hey Dutch bird

    I'm in Germany. I havenít had a problem yet ordering any thing from the states. I have my ZR intake on order. And received an e-mail saying that it won't come until the end of this month.
    P.S. There's no driving like autobahn driving.

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    MattSCyoungin Guest

    Ordered mine..

    just ordered my intake last Thursday (today is November 1st) and he said that the intake will be to me in 3 weeks that isn't that we'll see if it comes then or not...

    Matt (SC youngin)

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