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Thread: Check it out!!!

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    KwikSC Guest

    Check it out!!!

    After viewing the latest post by Andy about how much everyone is getting sick and tired of posts and how we need a post only BBS i decided what better way to vote for a post only BBS than with... thats right.. you guessed it!! ANOTHER POLL!!!

    HAve fun


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    TurboBird Guest

    Re: Check it out!!!

    how bout fixing polls so they don't return to the top everytime someone votes


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    Aaron Pedroza Guest

    Re: Check it out!!!

    You can adjust that through your control panel.

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    Andy 94Sc Guest

    Hey now, I didn't make Dennis do anything?

    The only person who can make Dennis do anything is.. . uh .. .. . Probably Micah.

    PS I had to vote for the last one there, put me out of my misery. Take care of My SC's when I'm gone, Hey that sounds like a good Country song title.

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    TbirdSCFan Guest

    Re: Check it out!!!

    I afraid I don't understand the topic.

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