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Thread: 1994-1995 spare tire poll

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    Andy 94Sc Guest

    1994-1995 spare tire poll

    What type of spare wheel do you have from the factory. I have a black stamped steel wheel - nothing fancy. I have seen another '94 SC with a cast aluminum spare??

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    HBK94SC Guest

    Re: 1994-1995 spare tire poll

    Could it have been my 94 SC???????? Well my car has this nice alluminium spare tire. It actually was in my 90 SC when I bought that car and when I sold it I put a black stamped steel spare in it and put the alluminium spare into my 94 SC. I don't know where it originally came from but I liked it and wanted to keep it.

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    Andy 94Sc Guest

    Re: 1994-1995 spare tire poll

    James, I don't think it was yours. But oddly enough it was a moonlight blue 1994 SC from your area, Mr. Shockley's.

    Now this is bugging me, why did some SC's get the aluminum one? Was that an option? I thought after seeing the one that maybe it was a mid year switch and only the newest cars got them, but you say yours came out of a 1990? My '89 has steel, my '94 has steel?

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    Splicer Guest

    Re: spare tire poll

    My '94 has the stamped steel. What does the alluminum look like? I have never seen one.

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    Stryford Guest

    Re: spare tire poll

    my '94 SC has the stamped black steel spare.

    you might've seen the aluminum spare because that owner bought an extra one so his SC wouldn't look stupid with a crappy looking steel donut when he changes his tire after his tire blows. just a thought...

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    sabbySC Guest

    Re: 1994-1995 spare tire poll

    whatever you have it better be the same size as your stock wheel, cause if you put diferent size tires on the back of the car you'll wreck your trac lock rear end

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    Andy 94Sc Guest

    Re: spare tire poll

    It wasn't a full size spare, it was an aluminum one that was only 4" wide or so. I didn't get a good enough look to describe what it would look like once installed.

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    Scott Long Guest

    Re: spare tire poll

    I have the aluminum one in my 92, if my 90 has it when I get it, I could put the two spares on the front of one of my cars to give it the SKINNY look up front for the track, but the tire says not to exceed 50mph with it. I will take a pic of the spare soon.

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    SCandelous95 Guest

    gerbil coupe

    mine came with a 10 year old hamster in a steel ball with holes cut out so he could breath. Man, that little bastards got some torque in em around 3,000 rpms! but you have to be carefull not to go too fast or his legs will come out from underneath him and wrap around his neck and strangle himself.

    Im thinking of upgrading to a ferret.

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    Dan Lineback Guest

    mmm...donuts!!!! (ala Homer Simpson)

    94 (1/94)LX: Black steel
    94 (12/93)SC: Aluminum
    91 (10/90)SC: Black Steel

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    Andy 94Sc Guest

    Re: mmm...donuts!!!! (ala Homer Simpson)

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    BlwnBlue90 Guest

    Re: mmm...donuts!!!! (ala Homer Simpson)

    1990-Aluminum. Just added it to the vote.

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    Aug 2002
    I have an aluminum spare as well, why did they make special spares?

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