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Thread: What kind of fuel mileage?

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    matt89sc Guest

    What kind of fuel mileage?

    My tires are off sized so speedometer is off.

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    Aaron Pedroza Guest

    Re: What kind of fuel mileage?

    Whoever that is getting 30mpg has to start driving their car faster. The only time I ever got over 25mpg was when I drove a 400mile trip at 60mph because I was following two trucks with all my stuff in them.

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    Power Driver Guest

    Re: What kind of fuel mileage?

    and whoever is getting 5mpg, i think you might have a whole in your fuel tank (unless your running a 5L at 35psi of boost and a 150 hp charge od NOX!

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    Fonzanoon Guest

    Re: What kind of fuel mileage?

    I have a 90 sc STOCK and i get 30 city 42 highway.(at 85mph)
    unless i beat on it the 18 city 30 highway.

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    Deep6 Guest


    Hey Fonzie,

    Do you have some sort of secret carb er, fuel injector on your car?

    Those gas mileage numbers sound like a dream come true. They can't be right. Perhaps you are not calculating your gas economy correctly.

    This is how I do mine. Fill tank up. Reset trip ODO. Drive till empty. Fill tank back up. Look at how many Gallons I put in as opposed to how many miles I put on the car since the last fillup. Divide. I average about 24-25mpg on the highway and about 18mpg in Town.

    If I floor it alot, I get about 14mpg in town.


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    Joey16know it all Guest

    Re: What???!

    I have to fill up about every 3or4 days. But, what do you expect from a 16 yr old

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    Power Driver Guest

    Re: What???!

    ~~~~~ dude, I have to fill up once a week, of course it costs me $30 everytime (good thing girlfriend is low maintainance

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    fred 4 pt 3 Guest

    In case anyone cares

    I logged 25 mpg at 80 mph with the 3.73 gears going to Texas on the 4.3 shakedown run. This due to the fact that it pulls much better cruising vacuum than I'd ever hoped.

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    ndangrd Guest

    29 mpg last weekend...

    last weekend on a "mini-vacation" i averaged 29 mpg going 80-85 mph with my 95 5spd. ever since i installed my Boral cat-back, Magnecor 10mm's, & Motorcraft double-plats, the worst gas mileage i've gotten was 24 mpg (half city, half highway)!!! i'm truly amazed at the good fuel economy. the range is usually 26-30 mph commuting to work every day...


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    Deep6 Guest

    I can't beleive this!!!???

    I got a 95 5-speed, I set the cruise to anywhere from 69-75mph, and the *BEST* that I have EVER seen on the highway was about 25.5MPG!

    I Now have new motorcraft plats and jacobs wires, the plugs are gapped to .035", My highway mileage has returned to about 25mpg in warm (above freezing weather).

    In the city the *BEST* mileage that I have EVER seen was 20mpg (but that was really really nursing it with people passing and flashing me). I usually average 17-18mpg.

    The worst I ever saw in the city was 14.4mpg, that week I had to floor it alot (had to pass snotty BMW owners and teach a few riceboys lessons)

    The WORST I ever saw on the highway was 19.5mpg in 0' F weather, however, that was before I changed the plugs. So I would like to see what the REAL mileage drop is with good plugs.

    Would I get better economy with a better flowing exhaust (provided I could keep my foot out of it)?

    Or would the loss of low end cause me to push harder on the gas thus negating any mileage gain?

    Quite honestly with these gas prices, I would commit 1st degree murder to get 29mpg on the highway. And I would commit international genocide to get the 40mpg that Fonzanoon quoted...


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    TheSCkid Guest

    Horrible Fuel Economy Despite Ford Rating

    I get about 10-14 in the city and actually do 25 of steady highway driving with the cruise on at 84 mph. When I ran the highway going back and forth between 60 and 90, it got about 15. I run back and forth on US 92 for 20 miles and I can see that my gas guage moved with the cruise on at 70.

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    cudaz101 Guest

    30 Consistantly...

    I get thirty consistantly...If I am getting below that I am thinking of what needs serviced...My SC logged many miles from CA to MI then back to WA and it made a steady 30mpg. I was not racing, just going with traffic...Very impressive to have the best of both worlds with this car. My girlfriend was traveling with me in her bone stock T-Bird LX w/3.8 and she mad 1-2mpg. better than I did, and that if 1-2mpg is all a SC is gonna cost me, I am not gonna gripe...

    The clown that claims 45mpg, is dreamin' unless he fitted some Fred Flinstone Moped peddles on it or somethin'...


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    NY Supercat Guest

    Re: 30 Consistantly...

    the best I ever got was 257 miles on 1/2 tank from Boston to NY; so I figure
    around 27mpg
    But, she needs a tune up so maybe that will help some.

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    MN12 KID Guest

    Re: What kind of fuel mileage?

    With the way I drive, I'll never see anything over 20 mpg.

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    CSbsbSC Guest

    Re: What kind of fuel mileage?

    The most I've seen on my tripmeter when my needles on "E" is about 350 miles. Lets say...350/19=18.42mpg. I drive 85 miles per day....about 10 of that is town driving, and on the road I run btwn 70-80, depending on time of day, how late in the month, and amount of traffic.
    Geez, thought I was gettin' a little over 20 mpg. I don't even get into the boost except once a week, maybe.

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