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Thread: How bad of an SC addict are you - Serious

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    white91sc Guest

    How bad of an SC addict are you - Serious

    Okay, I'm pretty bad about my SC, I think I need help without a hint of joking in that.

    How bad are you? What have you given up for your SC, no joking around.

    Adam Mullen
    The SC Kid

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    tbird88 Guest


    I have a munchkin cat, the ones with short legs like a weenerdog. He's a Russian Blue, sorta charcoal gray, I like to say he's Titanium.

    Some miniature SC ground effects would really look cool on him. He already sounds like a mini-SC because of his growl-like meow...


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    XR7 Dave Guest

    Poor choice of options.....

    I would say I am pretty sick into the SC's. I haven't lost my job - hell my job PAYS for the SC's.

    I haven't lost a loved one - I was smart, gave the first one to my wife - the rest is history.

    My kids want SC's when they grow up. Phillip wants one with the SC sticking out the hood.

    My 4 yr old daughter asked me yesterday when we could go to the race track again - it's been a LONG winter!

    Oh ya, and I own 4 MN12's. All supercharged, all 5spds.

    But I don't fit any of your descriptions. It doesn't have to be a bad thing.

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