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Thread: What's the prefered music of the SC cruizer?

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    puff c Guest

    What's the prefered music of the SC cruizer?

    I like all of the below.

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    Mike Manzo Guest


    I have a compliation album that I burned that I play to tune my stereo in my 94sc.

    I must say that, for me, I choose Metal for racing purposes. Techno stuff works too, but the adrenaline seems to pump better for me with metal.

    My favorite racing song is "AM I EVIL" by Metallica. I am not a big Metallica fan, in fact my first taste of music when I was 4 years old was my sister's Black Sabbath tapes and that turned me into a eternal OZZY (not Ozzie like Ozzie and Harriet) fan.

    Am I Evil says it all and has that great start up to it after the repetative drum crap in the beginning. Kinda like the beginning of "Straglehold" by Nugent, but meaner and "recognized" as a true bad-~~~ riff.

    On the other hand, Techno has it's place when racing the Imports. When I race an Integra or Eclipse, I tend to flip to CD #5 which consists of the Chemical Brothers and some other stuff that I liberated from Napster. That makes for some real high-speed handling soundtracks.

    Country is probably the best for long drives through the midwest. Kinda sets the scene...

    I guess I kinda think of my driving as being is the game "Need For Speed". There is a perfect song for every environment and just as NFS has a song for each track, each one of the Chicago expressways, for me, has it's own music...

    Thank God for the Creative Nomad Jukebox...6 Gigabytes of MP3s...Never have to burn a CD and can plug right into the CD changer on Aux throught the bad gas costs too much....

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    puff c Guest

    Re: What's the prefered music of the SC cruizer?

    (Ozzie) I can't believe I spelled it that way. I was wearing one of my Ozzy shirts when I typed this poll. to bad I can't go back and edit it. Oh well you know the man I'm talking about.

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    fred 4 pt 3 Guest

    Re: What's the prefered music of the SC cruizer?

    pretty lean categories. so i didn't vote. jazz, blues swing and older rock (before the big hair)

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    SC Ward Guest

    Re: What's the prefered music of the SC cruizer?

    Classic Rock

    Honorable Mention: JoDee Messina, "Silver Thunderbird"

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    scrunner Guest

    Definitely trance

    Tiesto, Oakenfold, Paul Van Dyk, Ferry Corsten

    Makes my feel like the car is an extenstion of my mind and body, I tihnk & it she does it..

    I love it, all of it

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    Rick Hubbs Guest

    Re: Definitely trance

    I'd have to go with either Pink Floyd, the Grateful Dead, or Phish. However, something more upbeat when I'm beating the tailpipes off a rustang!

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    Mike Puckett Guest

    Re: Preferred music

    I like light contemporary jazz and light contemporary rock. I hate hip hop, rap, and country western. Some of that stuff isn't fit to be called music.

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    Fastphil Guest

    Re: Preferred music

    anything with a good beat. That means mainly dance/rap, but there's also Metallica and AC/DC waiting in the lineup. Trouble is, i got sick of listening to the radio at work, so i always listen to the same tapes (CD changer coming soon) and i've gotten sick of those too! The SC sounds really good just below zero boost, got a high pitched whistle...

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    Jason Parham Guest

    Hey Fred I think you forgot one...

    How about George Clinton's classic "Flashlight".
    Jason "Mr Funkadelic" Parham

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    pdennis Guest

    i like some car

    5. Newer stuff (Creed, barenaked ladies, matchbox20, eve 6 etc...)
    4. Take it Easy (not a car song but a good cruizing sonh)
    3. I cant drive 55
    2. the little old lady from pasadena (rumor has it shes got an SC, no joke, some ford dealer here in nw indiana told me that some older (60's to 70's) lady had a white SC and drove the p!ss out of it :-) )
    1. FUN FUN FUN.......need i explain any more?????

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    eagle7501 Guest

    Re: What's the prefered music of the SC cruizer?

    i like the 70s rock and anything ubeat/funky., kenny kravitz, soul coughing. everyone needs good cruising tunes!

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    Micahdogg Guest


    Nuff said.....I can dig the rap/rock stuff like POD, Onyx/Biohazard...or the entire Judgement Night c.d. for that matter. Then again, Korn is always good...Seven Dust rocks...and lets not forget about the Office Space soundtrack for those days when you can really relate to Willie D, Bushwick, and the rest of the Ghetto Boy crew


    P.S. And Sinatra can't be left out.

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    Mike D90 Guest

    Hey Micah!

    I ain't wit being broke, so this d---'s for you!

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    JimmyChay Guest

    I have a V8 not an SC, but

    When cruising around town, it is always cool to turn Lowrider all the way up w/ the windows down, my car may not be a lowrider, but that song rules for cruisin in any large nice car. Other music i like would be electronica (orbital, propellerheads...), 80's metal (Metallica--Seek and Destroy-best racing song ever), Alternative/industrial (Filter mostly), SOME rap (Black Eyed Peas), Classical Guitar music such as that of Andres Segovia or John Williams is also one of my favorites when i am by myself and dont feel like listening to something modern (All my friends hate ALL classical).

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