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Thread: 93 SC for $4500 is it worth it?

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    geminiSC Guest

    93 SC for $4500 is it worth it?

    Heres the deal 93 Sc automatic,moonroof,PW,PL,PA,auto dimming rearview mirror,some control for the headlights,rear spoiler,the paint is a solid 8.5 out of 10,needs tires,130k miles,car lot has it dont know if it has ever been rebuilt or anyhting. So what do you think?

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    geminiSC Guest

    Oh Yeah

    It also has the JBL system with CD player and all the options work.

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    pdennis Guest

    Re: Oh Yeah

    my 1993 SC with 73.k miles only cost me 6995 at a DEALER, a 93 with that many miles privately owned i wouldnt think would cost that much, but i could be wrong, these cars do hold their value well

    btw, mine has cloth, no moonroof or jbl, but did have JVC camillion deck and aftermarket speakers and aftermarket alarm/keyless entry

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    ckolony Guest

    Re: 93 SC for $4500 is it worth it?

    get the VIN number and check it out on the internet, there is a site that will let you where it has been. Also get a mechanic to check it out before you buy it. Car lots never know jack, or they try to cover stuff up. If there is something wrong with it you want to know, and if you still want to buy it, you can negotiate. Also make sure that you start it up cold. Sounds like a good deal, high miles are ok as long as its been maintained, although I think you may be able to find one with lower miles. I paid $4000 for my 90 last year with 119K. Im probably rambeling by now, but if this is your first SC make sure you have enough to maintain it! I have spent at least 3K on maintance in one year. Those tires alone will cost no less than $400. Good luck!

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    geminiSC Guest

    Got the VIN..........

    Do you know where the web site is?

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    Tom Champagne Guest

    Re: Got the VIN..........

    I'll have a nice 93 for sale come sept. right now car has 27895 on the is crimson/black cloth/auto with a few mods.

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    Scott Long Guest

    Re: Got the VIN..........

    Oh no you don't Tom

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    Tucc TZ Guest

    Re: Got the VIN..........

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