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Thread: Which car would you choose?

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    9 2 ScOpIe Guest

    Which car would you choose?

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    9 2 ScOpIe Guest

    Need your opinions?

    I need anyones opinion about the above poll.These are the 4 cars it comes down to and Im not quite sure what to do.SO i need your help in makin a decision.

    Your opinion is appreciated.

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    Aaron Pedroza Guest

    Re: Need your opinions?

    Kind of depends on you're driving habits. How far you're going to drive and how many people will be in your car.

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    pdennis Guest

    id choose the anniv

    i love look of 89-93's

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    9 2 ScOpIe Guest

    My Driving Habits

    I want something fast but able to hold 4 passengers and a baby.I want something that is a real head turner and modifiable so that my dad and i can increase the horsepower of it.i also want it to be reliable.

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    Andy 94Sc Guest

    Consider this also

    Insurance for the SC, for me at least, it was 1/3 of that for a Mustang GT of the same year. SC $430 /6 months, GT $1300/6 months.

    SC's are much harder/more expensive to increase the HP of, but for a family car, there is plenty to begin with.

    I would vote for the later SC for reliability, better Headgaskets, Better ABS.

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    JimmyChay Guest

    Re: Consider this also

    If you are not looking for immediate performance you could get a 4.6 or 5.0 bird. It would not compare to the SC stock for stock but the mods for that engine are much cheaper, expecially since the mustang shares the same engine. But planning only a few mods just to get a little more juice out of it then i would go with the SC, but if you want a LOT of power w/o spending too much money get the V8 bird. That is the whole reason i went with my 4.6L, i want to do a lot of mods and cant afford the parts for the SC. I would not go with the mustang, it too small and they are EVERYWHERE around my area so i get really tired of seeing them. Another advantage to the V8 bird: people "expect" SC's and Mustangs to haul, but they dont think a "family car" tbird to be fast, so its a lot eisier to make sleeper LX bird than an SC or Mustang sleeper.

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    Stryford Guest

    Re: Consider this also

    hey Jimmy, most people i've talked to don't know much about the SC and think that the V8 TBird is the fastest TBird.

    anyway, if you've got people and a baby to haul, then get the TBird, and if you want a little more reliability, then get the later TBird instead of the older one. but, if you want something to heavily modify and go real fast, then get the Mustang Cobra.

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    93 Mark VIII Guest

    94-95 cobras are a joke

    some guy was at the track with his early SN95 cobra. He had all chrome under the hood and some bolts on. His sorry but couldn't get under 15.4's. Meanwhile My Mark VIII and Chris Spanels 95 SC both were pushing high 14's. Our insurance is even cheaper =)

    unless you want to ruin the street ride, and turn the mustang into a 12 second car, leave it behind.


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    MattSCyoungin Guest

    Re: 94-95 cobras are a joke

    dude...must've been a horrible driver in that cobra. My friend has a 96 Mustang Cobra convertable....the thing absolutely hauls ~~~. (two mods: stainless steel exhaust and k and n filter) ...i mean, that thing would BLOW THE DOORS off my '90 SC 5spd. ....not even a race.

    Matt (SC youngin)

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    SCme Guest

    Re: 94-95 cobras are a joke

    Remember there is a big difference between the 94-95 Cobras and the 96 up. The 94-95 had the 5.0 with little bit of work. They were rated at what 240 hp. While the 96 and up have the 4.6 DOHC that are 305 hp and up. If I remember correctly the 93 Cobras were a little faster than the 94-95, even with less hp.

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    Josh Hansen Guest

    I'd get the 94-95

    But I'd swap the body panels for the 89-93, convert the headlights to the 96-97 get a fiberglass hood and fill in the hood gap from the new lights with fiberglass so It looks like it's supposed to be there... that way i get the 89-93 looks which I like better than the 94-95, the 92+ rear tail lights, the 96-97 head light conversion and the 94+ interior which I like so much more... and probably end up saving a lot more in the end...

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    92bird Guest

    Re: I'd get the 94-95

    What about a TAURUS SHO?? Looks fast, is fast, and seats 5 comfortably. Just as fast as a stock SC. hehe I used to have one, but for just myself, I like the SC better


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    93 Mark VIII Guest

    cobra was a 95

    the cobra that was running 15.4's was a 95. No DOHC, but 302 pushrod. I think that's what was in the original poll was 94-95 Cobra, and those are slow as heck.

    96 - up were a huge improvment over the GT's, except in 99 where the GT's finally boasted some reasonable performance numbers.


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    dhetzer Guest

    Re: Which car would you choose?

    The Cobra and the SC are different animals. I own a red/black leather 5 speed 90 SC and a 97 white/tan Cobra convertible. They are both stock, in perfect condition, low mileage and never winter weather driven.

    The SC is a great unique car and a perfect highway cruiser. The Cobra is more fun around town as it is easier to shift, has a lighter clutch and endless torque. It is also much quicker.

    I plan to keep both for a long time, but if I could only keep one, it would be the SC. It's more rare and more practical and...for me, the pride of ownership is higher. Maybe, this is because it is older and still looks like it came right out of the showroom, including under the hood.

    These are the best 2 cars I have ever owned in over 35 years.


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