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Thread: fovorite SC phraze!

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    Aug 2003
    Silsbee Texas
    I've always wanted a vinyl on my back windshield that said "you have just been given the bird". with a thunderbird symbol on top of it.

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    Jun 2003
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    I went to the junkyard one time, this guy thought he knew his fords. So I am askin for a misc... part for an 89 supercoupe. He is like- "that's the 4 cylinder fuel injected turbo." So I said no, its a 6 cylinder. he says "so it's fuel injected, and I said "yes" and its supercharged. so he says " so that's a 4 cylinder fuel injected turbo charged" Went on for 5 min before I gave up.

    Different junkyard, i am lookin for a coilpack. So I ask the guy- I need a coil pack for an 89 thunderbird supercoupe. So he goes to the back and then comes out and asks me the year. so I said 1989. He mosies to the back again, then he comes back out chuckling. he said "you shure that's an 89?" And i said yes. So he goes to the back again, and then he comes out again laughing "Im showing that an 89 has a distributor, are you sure it's an 89." And I said heck ya it's an 89, Im holdin the coilpack right here for it. He got pissed that I was right and told me that did not have anything like that.

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    I call the sc the stupid chicken lol...

    Trying to tell people at the parts store it is super charged and I need wires, they come back with the wrong wires, or, when I say sc they think se...I have only seen 1 other sc in town here...

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    Not again, how much? I need a parts truck to follow me around. Or I could have bought a Cobra mustang for what I have in this piece of @#$%.

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    The SC don't stand for "Slow Car"

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    favorite SC phraze

    When I went for
    an Emissions test,they wanted to see the engine.
    I didn't know Ford had a 3.8 Supercharged in these.
    Yes,Yes they do.
    Is it fast?
    Yes, Yes it is.
    "It is better to be a jack of all trades and a master of none,than a master of one and a jackoff at all the rest" K.L.H.

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    "Babies use bottles, real men get blown."

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    I am thinking of this for my plate "SC IAM"

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