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Thread: How "into" the SC's are you?

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    Andy 94Sc Guest

    How "into" the SC's are you?

    OK I'm bored. Just wondereing what the percentage of SC newbies is to SC veterans.

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    Jason Marsh Guest

    That's hard to pick

    I fall into the bottom 3 categories....

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    Andy 94Sc Guest

    Then consider it cumulative..

    I am assuming anybody in the lower catagories has already passed through the upper catagories. So vote for the one closest to the bottom.

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    Larry Bone Guest

    Need another topic

    How about People who dump money into their SC's cause they keep breakin down?

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    Mike D90 Guest

    Re: Need another topic

    I'm with ya, Larry Bone! I would do more mods if I could keep her running. I know she's a gold digger, but she's got me hooked like that.

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    Scott Long Guest

    Re: Need another topic

    if I would have been able to spend the repair money I've spent on performance parts I'd be running 12's and I would be able to kick Jim Demmits ~~~ all over the track by now. (sorry Jim)

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    Crowded Elevator Guest


    Well here's my categorie, if i had money, I would dump everything in too my 50 SCs (which i don't have) but when i become a rich famous rock star i will. I will own an SC store, just buy and sell SCs and SC stuff. Then I will have fulfilled my goal for life.

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    tbird88 Guest

    don't tell my girlfriend, but...

    I have a 'munchkin cat' (the one's with short legs) that I'm gonna add miniature SC GFX to...if I can find a way to hinge a little trapdoor in the little miniature bumper cover on his butt.

    in Texas,


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    Boomin Boy Guest

    Re: don't tell my girlfriend, but...

    i dont even fit on the poll, i dont even have an SC.....yet. Ive planned my money and ill have the money for one in late august

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    Apr 2005

    Unhappy SC Love

    Okay. I love my SC so much it hurts. It hurts because this is a very dangerous world in which other drivers, the elements, normal wear and tear, Ford's discontinuation of parts and now even terrorists threaten to harm & even separate me from my beloved.

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