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Thread: Does the average Joe know what an SC is?

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    cary Jackson Guest

    Does the average Joe know what an SC is?

    What response do you get when you pop the hood for someone who has never heard of a Thunderbird Super Coupe ?

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    Andy 94Sc Guest

    Re: Does the average Joe know what an SC is?

    The only response I ever get is something like "Holy $#!^, look at all of the crap under this hood!! I would hate to have to give this thing a tune up! If it starts running bad you better sell it."

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    SCandelous95 Guest


    mustang guy "ha ha, your slow ~~~ LX cant catch me!!...super what?"

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    pdennis Guest

    Re: ignoramaouses

    had a FORD tech tell me my car had a turbocharger on it? i said "its a SUPERCOUPE" he said "yes but it was actually a turbo 6" ~~~? i just walked away trying not to laugh out loud.

    another time someone was looking at my tbird site

    and said he had bought an LX and wanted to modify it but "not to the extent that you modified your LX" i sent him a mesage explaining the differences between the regular LX and the SC :-) (i bet he now wishes he had gotten an SC)

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    Chris M 95SC Guest

    Re: ignoramaouses

    I was at a friends house, watching some of the videos from the SCCOSW meet (lots of burnouts), when he comes it, wondering what all the tire screeching is about, and started asking what kind of Thunderbird it was... Turbo?
    Stock? modified? etc.
    Now, this guy has been around, a few Chargers, an AWESOME 70 Cuda, Few other Fords, including a 89 SHO. The poor guy had no clue.

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    Vernon Cradier Guest

    Re: ignoramaouses

    I wasted this guy in a LT1 Z28 one time and he catches up at the next light and says "How did you make it rear wheel drive?" nuf said.

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    geebs2003wv Guest

    Re: ignoramaouses

    you say a super coupe and they say....huh....what is it again............this is because ford motor company never advertised the car enough.......they stopped making them because they didnt sell enough of them........what a bunch of morons and then they come out with this stupid ~~~ looking 2001-2002 bird that looks like something from neptune or something.......i just wish i could tell off the S.O.B that made the decision to stop making the Thunderbirds in the first place......i have a 93 Lx AND I LOVE has 93,000 miles on it nad nothing has gone wrong dad has owned a 90 and 92 SC,and is in the process of buying a 95 SC..........I love these cars

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    SilverBird Guest

    thats ingoramoose.

    had a brother of someone who owns a SC say: "wait a sec, why is yours a super six when my bro's is a forced four?"

    I almost decked him. LMAO! :lol:

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    Mercs SC Guest

    Re: Does the average Joe know what an SC is?

    Nope try telling someone you have a 89 xr7 cougar v6 supercharged and people have the stupidist look on there faces ...then tellem it's a supercoupe in merc colours and if they were confused before they are totally lost now
    and to be honest i like it that way ....

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    Les Borda Guest

    Re: Does the average Joe know what an SC is?

    I get the same responses as Andy...what the F*** the hell do you work on that???? The other is wowwww very impressive under the hood.

    And like Mercs SC...what the hell is 89-90 supercharged XR7.

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    TBone95 Guest

    Re: Does the average Joe know what an SC is?

    I have a friend of mine who always says its a turbo, even though I've told him its supercharged several times. Maybe he just doesnt know what a supercharger is. Oh well, I've got a faster and the nicer car than just about anybody I know, who cares if they dont know what the hell it is. I just need some cool days so I can do some real butt whupping.

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    supin up sc Guest

    Re: Does the average Joe know what an SC is?

    first everyone says it's not supercharged then when i showed someone under my hood he told me they don't make supercharges on top of the engine and i was wrong that my supercharger wasn't where i said it was i thought it was quite funny

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    gottmeister Guest

    Re: Does the average Joe know what an SC is?

    The first day I had my car, about a month ago, I couldn't help but tell everyone at work... "I got a new car"
    and of course, they say "what is it?" and I say "a Super Coupe," with a lot of pride, and they say "A super what?!"

    and them some kid with an 84 Chevy V8 truck says, I could beat your pile 6 cylinder

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    pdennis93 Guest

    Re: Does the average Joe know what an SC is?

    ok i just noticed that i posted the same topic on this post about 6 months ago, :lol:

    i really need to read the old stuff first

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    white91sc Guest

    Re: Does the average Joe know what an SC is?

    I had an LX owner come up to me at the track and look under the hood in awe for a few then say "I have a thunderbird too, nothing like this though, what does it run?" and I told them and they were surprised. It was a boyfriend and girlfriend each with a thunderbird lx actually. That was a nice compliment but the greater one came from the owner of a '93 Firebird Formula who said "#$$%# #$%#$ what the hell have you got done to that thing, that's the loudest 1-2 chirp I have ever heard in my life"

    I think the ultimate confusion car would be an '89-90 XR7 with heavy mods and a 5-speed. You'd have a tough time convincing Ford it was based on anything they ever turned out.

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