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Thread: Does the average Joe know what an SC is?

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    fred 4 pt 3 Guest

    Re: Does the average Joe know what an SC is?

    First time out at the track the 4.3 raced nothing but new F-body's. Huge traction issues, but still wailed all over the stock ones. Got jumped real good, about 1 1/2 lengths, by a Lingenfelter machine (with slicks) at the lights, but pulled on him hard at the end of the track, nose to his door at the finish. Past the timing booth he waves me over, and asks, "What the hell is in that thing, you almost got me! OMG that's fast!" So I lift the hood and say "You're not gonna like this; V6." This guy studies the engine for a minute, and says, "Where'd you get the blower?" My answer, "Comes stock like that." He shakes his head and says, "Oh, @#%$!!"

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    MadMerc Guest

    Re: Does the average Joe know what an SC is?

    People know alot less about the XR7's.

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    desertzany Guest

    i dont think this guy does....

    i know the link is long.. but it should work... this guy is clueless...

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    Average Joe

    Average Joe thinks SC is short for sports center.

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    A Super-what??

    No one knows what they are. Most people I've shown the engine to go "...uhh.....huh". My car-guy buddies know all about them, but the "man on the street" doesn't have a clue.

    If I wanted to impress the teeny-bopper backwards-hat gang, I'd have bought a Mustangcamarofirebirdhondatoyotanissanetcetcetc...

    Bonus: most cops don't know what they are either...


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    While driving home yesterday afternoon I had a couple kids in a 94 or 95 Camaro Z/28 keep zooming onto my back bumper and backing off. This went on for about 7 or 8 miles. All the while I'm just puttering along, smiling to myself as I look in the rearview mirror. We finally get to an intersection and he pulls up beside me and motions for me to roll my window down. On my rear 1/4 windows are small vinyl decals from the previous owner that says, "Ford Supercharged". The kid asks me what's under the hood and I tell him it's a V6. He kinda gets sarcastic and makes fun of the stickers on the 1/4 windows. I just nonchalantly inform him the stickers are correct and that's what the "SC" stands for that is engraved on the rear bumper they were trying to play tag with. Should have seen the look on their faces when they realized what they were messing with.
    The guy driving that Camaro actually thanked me for not embarrassing with my SC. Now, I'm not sure I would have done that, but at least he didn't question what I was telling him and actually showed respect for what my car was. Pretty smart kid!
    Today when I pulled into the Saturn dealer there was a group of about 5 guys standing around checking out a used Trans Am sitting on the lot. When I puttered by every single eye turned to the SC and the fingers started pointing. When I got out I had one guy ask me if it was indeed a SC and I told him it was. He asked me if I was there to trade it in and I laughed and told him no, I was just checking on something and dropping some paperwork off. Should have seen the look of dejection on his face when he realized my car wasn't going to go on the market. Seems alot of enthusiasts around here know what a SC is, but I still get an occasional reply that Ford never supercharged a car from the factory, and that Buick was the only one to do that with a Regal. Silly, silly people...

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