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Thread: Who would be interested in new cast 3" IC tubing?

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    35th Gabe Guest

    Who would be interested in new cast 3" IC tubing?

    To everyone that is interested, Wade Embree and Bob G. are talking about teaming up to offer some custom cast 3" IC tubing. For all interested, e-mail me, or Wade at You can also request it from SCPerformance for a group buy! An estimate on HP increase with these would be roughly 20hp due to the larger ID and smoother radii in the turns in the tubes!

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    Joey16know it all Guest


    Give me a price and i'll let you know. i'm on the sccosw mailing list.

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    35th Gabe Guest

    Re: Me.

    I should be getting a rough estimate on pricing soon from Wade (aka Daniel) of ESM! He just wanted to see if there would be a market for such a product. Thanks to everyone for the responses!

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    fred 4 pt 3 Guest

    Status Check

    Did you ever get a price ? Maybe with group buy? You know it would help, especially for guys with high boost psi.

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    2ndgearscratch boy Guest

    i'm stillll interested

    i am still interested...

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    Kelly Simons Guest

    Re: i'm stillll interested

    Yes I would ge interested, just let me know when its ready. Thanks, Kelly

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