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Thread: What SC would it take to beat this BMW?

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    sam rickenbacker Guest

    What SC would it take to beat this BMW?

    Which SC do you think it would take to beat this BMW in a 1/4 mile drag race?

    BTW, the SCs I picked, I picked for no particular reason other than that they are fast SCs. Do not read to much into my choices and keep in mind they only give me 5 spaces. The listed SCs are in no particular order.

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    sam rickenbacker Guest


    Here's the picture of the BMW:

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    fred 4 pt 3 Guest

    Send ME in, "coach"!

    Great shot ! Had to vote for myself on this one . . .

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    sam rickenbacker Guest

    I don't know kid

    That motorchair looks pretty mean....

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    JimmyChay Guest

    Another choice...

    Should have been been "a guy pushing a broken down SC as fast as he can". Or, "an SC towing a broken down V8 LX".

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    Andy 94Sc Guest

    No mere T-bird could compete

    The only thing in the same class would be the Micahdogg pimp of the year edition Cougar.

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    Fastphil Guest

    Re: No mere T-bird could compete

    i'd imagine that thingamabob has a tire-related top speer of around 5-7 mph, so in theory any Bird or cougar (even one without an engine) should be able to beat it.

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    cary Jackson Guest

    Re: No mere T-bird could compete

    I'm afraid!

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