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Thread: Harmonic Balacer Failure &/or Crankshaft Bolt

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    5thWaveSC Guest

    Harmonic Balacer Failure &/or Crankshaft Bolt

    Since the Harmonic Balancer on stock Birds is
    a key weak link in the chain that keeps it rockin,
    it would benefit us owners to discern some stats
    on shared failure rates by tranny type in case
    that is statistically significant. Before this research
    starts, I posit more failures should be prevelant
    among MANUAL tranny owners: So, let's find out!

    Secondly, maybe more owners ONLY experience
    a Crankshaft Bolt failure, but we lack space to
    assign responses by type. In case many select
    this option, another topic could then be set up
    to isolate relevant questions for breaking down
    the statistics by tranny type for bolt failure.

    If other Members discern other areas of possible
    or probable benefit to research, I would encourage
    such "definitions of the problem" SO THAT we
    start gathering statsitically meaningful data on
    failure rates by mechanical type, and courses of
    action chosen to correct &/OR modify the situation.
    For example, another study could/should determine
    the number of members opting to replace damage
    Balancers with BHJ aftermarket product, or other...
    Etc. Thank-you for participating in this exercise ! Peace, virgil

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    5thWaveSC Guest

    Re: Harmonic Balancer Failure &/or Crankshaft Bolt

    Any replies to assist gathering of further data
    to experience-rate these issues, that will haunt
    our ownership would be appreciated!

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