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Thread: Should I change my 96 sport to look like an SC?

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    tydlwavs Guest

    Should I change my 96 sport to look like an SC?

    I am debating which year to swap front and rear bumpers and side skirts with. You can help me decide. Will it be....

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    Mike Manzo Guest

    Re: Should I change my 96 sport to look like an SC?

    I see two aspects of to keep the same and one to go with the SC-Look...

    If you are going to go through all the trouble, I would see about changing the front bumper to the 1994-95 because it is more "newer" looking and wont clash with the rest of the car. The ~~~ end I would have either the 89-95 bumper OR, custom fab something too look close to a combination of the 89-93 bumper and the SVT Contour's straight-through design with the mesh and chrome tips (double like ZR-1 vette style???)

    The side skirts from all the years would look nice, but I would have to see them in addition to the LX's side panels... Maybe just the Xenon side skirts, but even then I love things that look "Exotic-OEM" as I call it.

    I am wondering how the 94 bumper and the 96 hood/headlights would work together or would have to change whole sh-bang...If so, then cowl induction hood...

    However, think of it this way...The Mustang GT with it's ground effects not only added weight, but threw it into the GT style racing class as far as looks were concerned...The LX, without the ground effects and especially the "notchback" was plain-Jane enough to look like an "authentic muscle car" no fog-lights, no frills, just power...thats the way it looked to me even if it was not moving...

    Now, with the 1996 LX, you can put some impressive sized tires on it, drop it a bit, but leave the ground effects off and keep it the same. This, to me, would look more "muscle" than "aero"

    It depends on what kind of "attitude" you want your car to display...

    I wish I had the money to crank out the designs that I have in my head for this car...

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    JimmyChay Guest

    Re: Should I change my 96 sport to look like an SC?

    The 96-97 hood and headlights can be paired with either fr. bumper cover, same with 94-95 headlights/hood, it is only the headlight and hood design than must match.

    I think the 94-95 is the best looking year of the SC. To find the parts i would go to
    They allow you to enter the name of the car you are looking for then they go and search a whole list of junkyards, i would be willing to bet you can find all the parts thru them. Dont bother trying to get replacement parts thru from Ford, they will rip you off.
    One thing to watch out for is the rear bumper cover, the 89-93 version had small pieces of plastic that attach the bottom to the top at the opening, these break really easy, so watch out for that.
    You could do all this w/o changing your headlights/hood and know one would really notice, but if you really want to finish the job off you should switch them.

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