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Thread: How would 90 Anniv SC rims look on Crimson red sc?

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    9 2 ScOpIe Guest

    How would 90 Anniv SC rims look on Crimson red sc?

    Post your comments on this subject?

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    pdennis Guest

    a little info on this subject

    as you can or cannot tell from my pic in my profile, my SC has 15" stock LX rims on it (prev owner did it, i bought it from dealer) and my friend SCopie92 is looking at an anniv SC with both 17" rims and tires and the stock 16" rims and i can get his practically new 16" tires off of his 88 coguar, the question is, how would it look???

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    9 2 ScOpIe Guest


    By the way, sorry if i spelled crimson wrong.
    Need opions, the car the Anniversary rims are is a 1993 Crimson Red SC.Right now has 15 inch tires.

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    pdennis Guest

    oops, pic didnt load :-(

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    Jason Marsh Guest

    Funny you should ask..

    I had Black Anniversary rims on my Crimson Red SC for about 4 months. I can tell you it definitely looks "different" I liked it, It made the car stand out quite a bit in my opinion. I will try to scan a picture and post it for you in a day or so.

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    Jason Marsh Guest

    Re: Funny you should ask..

    Ok check out this pic. I used the digital camera to take a picture of the picture laying on the table. So the color is a little off. Also here are 2 good places to see what you are looking for.
    My Burnout Video

    My Donut Video


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    9 2 ScOpIe Guest

    Thanks Jason!!


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    pdennis Guest



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    TurboBird Guest

    Re: SWEET!!!!!!

    I say screw him........get his couger rims.....i love the 7 spoke ones, they look dope

    get the couger rims if you can (of they are the 7 spoke XR7 ones)


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    pdennis Guest

    Re: SWEET!!!!!!

    no they are off of an 88 xr7 fox body with the 4 bolt style and have real big cougar emblems on them.. like this

    only the rims are red matching the cars color

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    irish Guest

    Re: How would 90 Anniv SC rims look on Crimson red sc?

    I don't want to be an ~~~, but I absolutely hate the Anniversary rims! Not to put down your car and I don't mean any offence but I think the anniversary rims take away so much style. I loved my 95 SC rims! I am looking at grabbing a 1990 SC anniversary and the 1st thing I will do is change the rims! I find the rims on a car change the whole look and attitude of a vehicle. Anyways that is just my 2 cents worth!

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    pdennis Guest

    i dont liek the lx rims ive

    and have the possible oppertunity of getting anniversary rims cheap and iwas either gonna get those or stock 93-5 (car has 15" lx rims now) and after seeing jason marsh's sc i want the anniv rims :-)

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    Jason Marsh Guest

    It's all just a matter of taste

    I didn't care too much for the anniv rims on my red SC at first but it grew on me because it was so different. Personally I don't think there is any comparison to what the car looks like now with the ROH Snypers on it. IT looks like a completely different car.

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    Josh Hansen Guest

    I have something along the sames lines but...

    I'm looking to repaint my car black (it's midnight blue now and the trunk is faded badly plus adding a spoiler and hood soon) and am going to be getting cobra r's or 17" Mille Miglia MM11-2's I was thinking about Powdercoating them black and also getting blackouts for the headlights and tailights and getting KVR Brakes that are black cadium plated? Is this too much black, I don't think so but I also like to be able to dump my lights and disappear into the shadows when trouble comes in the form of red and blue lights...

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    VancouverBC Guest

    Have you considered this for those rims?

    Use the anniversary rims and put on the silver hub caps?
    Question: What condition are the 35th rims?
    Most of them become dull because Ford put on a crappy clear coat. I've refinished mine once and they need it again. Maybe I'll powder coat this time.

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