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Thread: How did you upgrade your stereo?

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    Jay Andrews Guest

    How did you upgrade your stereo?

    how would you do it if you did it over?

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    Will Guest

    Uhhh....none of the above....

    I got rid of all the stock stuff!! It pretty much sucked by the time I got the car. Slapped in a head unit with a harness, got new speakers, amped everything and ran new wires to all speaker from their crossovers. then put in some subs. If I had to do it over I would have stripped the cars interior, would have made it much easier to run all the wires and rca cables.
    89xr7 5spd

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    MickeyD LX50 Guest

    Re: Uhhh....none of the above....

    I used the factory power and speaker wires but put in new amps and head unit with new RCA cables run to the trunk. Also have new subwoofer box.

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    chuck93sc Guest

    Re: Uhhh....none of the above....

    i got the down firing box also.2 10" MTX subs w/300 watt mono amp it BANGS yeah

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    Thomas A Guest

    It all had to go

    The only factory thing I left was the antanna and the wire coming from it.

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    TheMaxter Guest

    Ripped it all out

    Over 1000watts, custom box, new 5x7's, deck, capacitor, 2 JL 12" subs, and a lot of time. Then again this is my 2nd hobby, besides my SC.

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    Michael Hoddy Guest

    Re: Ripped it all out

    I must be one of the few who had the awful base system in my '95. Ripped it all out, put in new Pioneer CD head unit, Clarion Pro Audio plate speakers (5" woofer and component silk-dome component tweeter) in all four speaker locations, and added a Bazooka RS-series bass tube in the trunk. Maybe not the loudest system ever, but one of the cleanest. Did it all for not much over $1000, either.

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    Shawn Narayan Guest

    Loud and clean.....

    kenwood motorized flip face deck, kenwood excelon 5x7s in front, kicker comp 5x7's in back, and 2 JL audio 15 inch subs in the trunk pushed by a rockford fosgate 800a2 with a punch 1farad capacitor... Lets just say i have to turn the volume down when a cop is within a 2 block radius.

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    DANKnDRANK Guest

    Re: How did you upgrade your stereo?

    For a little over a grand in parts:

    Alpine flip face

    polk 3 way 5x7 in front

    infinity 2 way in the back

    fosgate 160watt mono amp

    two kicker vr 10" in sealed box that faces forward

    Sounds a hundred times better than the stock system. I think I might switch my rear speakers to the front, because the infinity's have a rotating tweeter. I would aim the tweeter upward toward me. This should sound better since the front speakers usually piont at your calfs.

    Any opinions on the imaging in these cars? I think in blows! My 88 TC had excellent imagiing, since it had speakers in the dash, doors, and deck lid. I had that car sounding great for only $650.!!! People would think that I had a sub in the truck. When it was only the 6x9s (mounted to the deck lid) each powered 45 watts from the deck.


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    1990nightblueSC Guest


    all i did was hook my JBL 12 gran touring to my factory amp and i love it!

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