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Thread: For those who have done major mods to your SC's

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    Micahdogg Guest

    For those who have done major mods to your SC's

    When did you like your car the most? It seems like most SCers who love their cars in stock trim continue to love them as they are bolted on. Even when the car gets heavily bolted on most continue to enjoy them while some start to feel the effects of hampered drivability. But when Coy Miller/ radical valve sizes, cams, fuel upgrades, etc... get involved I wonder if the cars get so problematic that the owners think, "I probably should have stopped with that last bolt on." (coughRichThomsoncough).

    So, when did you get the most enjoyment from your SC?

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    David Neibert Guest

    Re: For those who have done major mods to your SC's

    I have added nearly every bolt-on except larger injectors and an S model supercharger. I can't stop driving the thing, I look forward to sunny days so I can park my 2000 Explorer (with defective Firestones) and spank some kid in a Honda. I love this car! I'm still waiting for Jim D. to share his seceret mods on this BBS. So far he has only said he is running a stock short block and mentioned some guy who is the best with heads. With the times he is posting I'm thinking of asking his dad to work on my car too. Too bad CA is such a long drive from St. Louis MO.
    Thanks, David

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    ckolony Guest

    Re: For those who have done major mods to your SC's

    Maybe this is an impossible question, but does anyone have a list of possible bolt-ons? Just wondering what exactly is out there

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    Louchios Guest

    Re: For those who have done major mods to your SC's

    Air filters- K&N panel, K&N conical from 5 to 12 inches long, autophysics, jamex, basically any rice mag sells numerous air filters that will most likey fit.

    Intake kits- SCP, MN12 Performance, ZR Motorsport. These kits basicaly provide a filter and replacement metal intake tube (vs. the stock rubber one). SCP provides an airbox while ZR sticks the filter in the fender.

    MAFS- C&L Vortech makes a 73 and 80mm MAF housing. Pro M makes a 75 and 77mm MAF housing with sensor. Pro M also makes an optional calibrator for your sensor so you can fine tune it right there. As of late people are experimenting with Lightning 80mm MAF housings. MN12 Performance also shows you how to modify a stock 70mm MAF housing to flow comparable to a C&L 73mm MAF housing.

    Throttle Bodies- SCP offers BBK 70mm and 75mm TB's. SVO may or may not still make a 65mm TB. Magnum Powers is releasing an 83mm TB.

    S/C Inlets- Magnum Powers

    Supercharger upgrade- 89-93 SC's can bolt up a 94/95 supercharger to find 15 extra HP. If you have Magnuson do the S model porting (or just buy an S model from them) then you will find 30 extra HP. 94/95 SC's can only get another 15HP from a S model upgrade as they come stock with the new gen blowers.

    Supercharger pulley- March, Racer Walsh, ASP, S&S, and a few others offer 10% overdrive pulleys. You can also get a 5% overdrive pulley from Magnuson.

    Underdrive pulleys- ASP (Auto Specialties) offer a 3 piece underdrive pulley kit.

    Headers- Kooks. SCP sells Kooks headers so it's a moot point.

    Exhaust- SCP offer kits, Dynomax, Flowmaster, Borla also offer kits for specific years. It's quite popular to have a custom kit built locally.

    Flywheel- McLeod Industries offer lighter flywheels. Not sure if this includes 94/95 SC's or not. They stock 30lb and 25lb flywheels and can go as light as 8lbs if need be. I believe stock is 35lbs.

    Intercooler fan- MN12 Performance and SCP sell IC fan kits. Again, custom applications are popular as most any electrical fan that fits will work.

    Intercooler upgrade- SCP, Embree Machine, MN12 Performance all offer IC upgrades. SCP and Embree weld two stock IC's together while MN12 uses new Spearco core(s). MN12 is by far the nicest, but at a price.

    Supercharger tops- SCP, Embree Machine, and Tbird Tim offer raised tops. SCP is the only top that is cast and not welded.

    Extrude Honing Intercooler tubes and such would also fall under the realm of "bolt-on's". I'm sure I missed a few, but this is a chunk of them. Bolting on basically includes anything that doesn't require you to get into the inside of the motor. Some say bolting on should not require you to pop off your valve covers. Others include poping your valve covers since it's fairly easy if you can access them. But you can't be boring cylinders, changing comp ratios, rebuilding, porting heads, grinding cams, etc... Nothing too major.

    Hope this helps.

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    Phil Kuhn Guest

    Re: For those who have done major mods to your SC's

    Damn, that's a great post, Louchios. I thought you and Micah were one and the same person but your post seems better that a Micah post. Now you got me thinking...

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    TheSCkid Guest

    Good list, a few additions

    The only additions I have are:

    Mac in the intake section, not on the website but if you call, they've got it.

    SVO and some other companies also sell 5% pulleys.

    Adam Mullen
    The SC Kid

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