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Thread: Pre-Sale on Alcohol Injection

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    Aaron Pedroza Guest

    Pre-Sale on Alcohol Injection

    I want to get the price down on the injection system but I need to buy in volume to get any price breaks. Would you guys be interested in waiting 4 weeks or so to get a kit for $275 compared to $350? I will have to sell the kit for about $325 normal price but if I get enough people that are willing to wait a couple extra weeks then I'll cut a deal for you. Feel free to add comments or suggestions if you like.

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    XR7 Dave Guest

    Re: Pre-Sale on Alcohol Injection

    I was going to make my own, but if you can do one that works well (seems you have), and at $275, I won't bother. I just want to have it on by spring which around here is April. I might even get two. Ya, I'm a 2couper and my wife won't let me have the upper edge! (not all at once, I'd have to do hers first.

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    CECGuy Guest

    Re: Pre-Sale on Alcohol Injection

    hey aaron,
    how hard is it to put this injection system on. Do i have to have any other parts to get it work. do you have any pics? How much hp? Will i have to buy methanol for it all the time or what? I'm not too smart so if you could and have some time will you email me and tell me all about it. I am very interested in buying it.

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    Aaron Pedroza Guest

    Re: Pre-Sale on Alcohol Injection

    The system will be pretty easy to install. The hardest part will be having to take off the blower and having a bung welded on the intake tube to mount the nozzle right before the intake manifold. I looked at a lot of different options to mount the nozzle but this is the best way. Other ways I explored would cause to much turbulence. It has simple wiring of switches and relays and just drilling holes to mount the pump and reservoir. It will also have aluminum fuel line that you will have to cut and bend, tubing cutter and bender will be included. All in all basic tools and some patience will get it together. I would guess it will be an all day project to get it together. There is some kind of tedious stuff involved like running the wires into the drivers compartment and mounting the pump is kind of annoying. I will take some pics soon, mine is still in the prototype phase which means it's not to pretty but it should all look pretty this weekend and be ready for Las Vegas next weekend. I am testing it at the track on Saturday so real numbers will be coming but on a stock SC it would pobably good for maybe 10hp but on a highly modified SC, or at least one with a late model blower and a 10% OD pulley for an early model blower it could be good for 25hp. The reasoning behind that is all it does on a stock SC is cool the charge for the benefits but if you push the boost up beyond 15lbs, which you can't do without race gas, you can make big numbers because of the ability to run higher boost. I will know more exact numbers Saturday because I will be making a pass with the 5% OD pulley without the system, 5% with the system and 10% with the system. The reason I won't be running the 10% without is the pinging is just way to bad to want to run down the track.

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    Aaron Pedroza Guest

    Re: Pre-Sale on Alcohol Injection

    Forgot to add that you can use just water if you want or rubbing alcohol or methanol or even denatured alcohol from a hardware store. I have been using denatured becuase it was available to me. Best results will probably come from methanol and it will probably be the cheapest if it's available to you. I can get it for $2/gallon.

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