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Thread: Who's "Louchios" Halloween poll

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    Phil Kuhn Guest

    Who's "Louchios" Halloween poll

    Another dumb poll. Just want to see who you guys think this "Louchios" is who suddenly appeared a few weeks ago.

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    Micahdogg Guest


    Honestly, that's not my bag baby? "One book on how to become Louchios written by Micahdogg" Honestly, I don't know what you're talking about.....

    Micah- Da reo dogg fu! Ya no daz rye...

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    NYC Russ Guest

    Tsk, tsk...

    My goodness, 3 people actually voted for ME?! Doesn't everyone know that all my fake names have something derogatory to say about Micah? (ie MicahsGayBaboon, MicahsWelfareCheck, etc).... I think its clear who this one is...

    ....DR. FRED!

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