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Thread: Who will win?

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    jim Demmitt Guest

    Who will win?

    Can Aaron beat the king or will the king win

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    jim Demmitt Guest

    The above pole is for the 30th race

    The first to the 13s the King of Nor-Cal and the kid from Frewmont Aaron the showdown of all time who will win you decide

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    Aaron Pedroza Guest

    Re: Who will win?

    We'll know in just a few more days.

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    jim Demmitt Guest

    Ya its gona be me

    I will have no problem here who has more race wins? me who is quicker at the tree whos fastest? anyway should be good

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    fred 4 pt 3 Guest

    Aaron's been at the SC longer . . .

    . . . and probably has a few tricks up his sleeve. Don't underestimate him.

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    jim Demmitt Guest

    He my been at it longer

    But its easy to beat you SCers you got to be able to drive good.and drag racings my game and I am very good at it theres a new King 0f Nor-Cal and theres no way he will beat me and I think he realizes it. and I am still waiting for one of you to come up here to show you

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    fred 4 pt 3 Guest

    Aw, quit voting for yourself !

    Bet you logged in a half dozen times to get those 3 votes. And one was from Micah. All kidding aside, you must spend at least $100 a week at the racetrack.

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    jim Demmitt Guest

    Sorry I forgot you are not a racer

    Do you eaven know how to race? Mustang people are more of racers than you guys

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    Aaron Pedroza Guest

    Re: He my been at it longer

    It's going to be close to see if I can make it out on the 30th. I will keep you informed. The converter should be at Hughes tomorrow and I am hoping to have it back by Wed. next week so I can make it out. I will keep you up to date. If I don't make it out on Saturday we will definately have to meet up on the next Wed. Should be a close race unless you keep adding on all these extras. I won't be using any NOS or Dry Ice and I hope you don't either but it should be interesting.

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    jim Demmitt Guest

    Lets do it I am ready

    I will be getting her to run faster this weekend 13:70s hopfuly it will be a good race and fair when we meet good luck hope everything goes together ok for you. its all in fun all the BS aside

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    fred 4 pt 3 Guest

    Don't know how to race . . .

    . . . except on the street ! I'm counting on my engine power to get me through. We had test and tune rained out last nite. Will have an official time soon. Good luck guys.

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    You guys crack me up.

    No offense, but how can anyone be king at 13.93? By my calculations @ 99 mph you need to work on the ol' launch technique. I see at least .2 in there somewhere!

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    jim Demmitt Guest

    You got it on the nail head

    We are tire testing the bfgoodrich drag tires roatated twice before moving. they are off the car have new Nittos Extream drag tires 10 1/2 wide hoping they will hook this thing has to much low end power. and the King is for fatest in Nor-Cal the first to the 13s. I know its hard for you to understand but give a 100% of "thinking" please

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    The KING of Nor-Cal

    And here I was always told that us midwestern farm folks were a little slow and a few years behind.

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    Rob Noth Guest

    Re: The KING of Nor-Cal

    I have to say, having been at the track with Jim a couple times, it's pretty scary that he doesn't have any RT's that don't start with "0.5-something". But Jim and Aaron, you guys better watch out, don't forget this Nor-cal SC has a fully rebuilt motor, S-model, and a better cam than either of you :smokin: So far my times have sucked (14.7@94) but my 30# injectors are too small, I'm pretty sure my DIS module is on it's last legs, and I don't have slicks. So if I can just get some of that stuff fixed...

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