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Thread: Who will win?

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    jim Demmitt Guest

    We are in trubble Aaron

    Who is this guy where did he come from? last time I was out my best reaction time was .500 perfect light four of those and one .505 we are dialed in

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    I predict that the King will break. Those .500 R/T's are so quick that the EEC won't be able to keep up.

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    John Shelton Guest

    I predict...

    That the race will never happen. They'll get into a brawl at the pre-race press conference - from all these posts, it's inevitable. Aaron will have Jim on the floor, choking him (because Jim won't stop taunting him) and Jim's entourage will have to pull Aaron off. And they'll both be dragged off to the clink to cool their wheels.

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    jim Demmitt Guest

    Thats cool John

    It will happin for shure and we are good freinds this all for fun only.

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    Aaron Pedroza Guest

    Re: Thats cool John

    Jeez Jim, I have all these people who think I'm going to win. I don't know if I can handle the pressure. If I had more money I would have to buy something to make it faster but I'll have to run what I got. This should be good.

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    jim Demmitt Guest

    Hang in there Aaron

    It will be a good race I will through all I got at ya power and reaction time. well see what happins well have fun these guys dont understand its all for fun no matter who wins. I realy want to see you get into the 13s that would be neat the two of us 13 second players. watch out for Rob he wants to beat both of us

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    jim Demmitt Guest

    New Speed record holder for Caif

    Aaron cheak out my post and we dident eaven cool her off. nittos are hooking good 100.256 mph shes got a lot more in her see what happins tomarow

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    NYC Russ Guest

    Re: New Speed record holder for Caif

    Hey, I just noticed, my 60' times are way better (1.86 vs 1.96) so I guess that makes me King of the First 60 Feet! And I had a 8.80 1/8th time, so I might even be King of the 660, too! (Too bad my brick-of-a-car decides that it doesn't like accelerating after that, or else I'd be King of the 13s For Under $1000 LOL).

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    jim Demmitt Guest

    Sorry Russ I am still ahead

    I had a 1.856 60ft on the 13.535 at 100.423 mph run. so I am still ahead of you on the all the reast to. I am hoping to get into the high 12s before Vegas my Fred tuneup I will call it. so keep trying to beat the King of Calif. also keep an eye on the top 5 I am going to move up very fast

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    Punisha69 Guest

    your the winner either way Aaron

    Aaron, it doesn't matter if you win in the actual race or not, in my books, and i think all of our minds you are the REAL winner. You are willing to help everyone with everything. you have helped me MANY times with my problems. That is what it takes to be a winner not a fast car. I think I would win against Jims car, even though I can only do 14.8

    Good luck man

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