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Thread: Installation of MN12Performance Front Susp. Kit

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    JTBIRDSC Guest

    Installation of MN12Performance Front Susp. Kit

    I have had two professional automotive machine shops tell me that the control arm bushings will not fit the control arms. Both shops tried and stopped. If you have any experience with this kit please answer the poll questions. Thank you.

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    Power Driver Guest

    Re: Installation of MN12Performance Front Susp. Kit

    good use of a poll, but i don't think enough people have done this mod to make it worthwhile.

    At least you didn't ask a question with an obvious answer: Are SC's and XR-7's good cars?

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    Chickenthunder Guest

    It was easy!

    I did my install my self,in a do it your self garage here in germany and the control bushings will fit!! All it takes is a small rubber mallute and some love taps. The bushing IS bigger than stock. So what I did was move the control arm down at a 90 deg angle so the bushing is exposed and used a small rubber hammer. BTW ther is enough room to get propper swing in that tight wheel well. Then wiggled the bushing into place. I never messed with a front end before. It Took me 10 min to figure out how to get that bushing in there.Hope this helps..

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    JTBIRDSC Guest



    If der bushings went in that easy they will slip on the control arm and your car will handle like schitz.


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