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Thread: Who is going to the MN12 meet??????????

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    TurboBird Guest

    Who is going to the MN12 meet??????????

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    91 XR7 Guest

    Where? When?


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    nnylnairb Guest

    Re: Where? When?

    yes..... where and when is it going to be???

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    TurboBird Guest

    Re: Where? When?

    read below post from jason s about the M12 meet

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    Boostman23 Guest

    here's the info

    here is the website for the national sc meet

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    Kurt Sunday Guest

    I'm not...

    I can't afford it now. I bought the "Hooked on Phonics" package for Jim Damnnit.

    Sorry guys!

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    Jason Marsh Guest

    Re: I'm not...

    hehehe, duck and cover Kurt!!! I can't wait to see what happens next. BTW, If you even hinted that you weren't coming, I'd drive to NM and drag your sorry A$$ back to OKC for the meet. Or should I say MEAT?

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