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Thread: National Event Logo Voting

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    Kurt Sunday Guest

    National Event Logo Voting

    Here are the 5 entries. Thanks for voting...

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    Stryford Guest

    Re: National Event Logo Voting

    Josh and Peter's entries look cool, but i think they look a little plain. there's not enough info. between Josh's and Peter's, i'd pick Peter's. but...

    Todd's entries are the best, i think. he puts more info about what kind of meet this is (1st Annual MN12 National Meet), gives you the date of the meet and where, and shows you the cool instrument panel with HIGH boost (gotta love that!). the Thunderbird emblem is chrome looking, which is awesome, and on one of his entries, he shows you a typical MN12, which for some people, don't know what an MN12 looks like (i think he should've stuck to a stock looking SC, without those rims). i like the choice of colors on the "SCCoA" in his second entry (it looks brighter, too).

    i realize Josh and Peter's entries can be modified to add more things, but the entry deadline has already been passed, and it's time to vote! by the way, i picked Todd's first entry, mainly because it shows a cool Thunderbird SC. just my opinions...thanks!

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    SCandelous95 Guest

    proffesional opinion

    I am a proffesional art director for a web design and graphic design company. Please take this as constructive criticism here are my comments.

    #1 the first one is ok, i think alot of people would consider it too gangsta! seems kind of disconeected. needs something to join the design togther.

    #2 the second one is pretty good. I like the lettering and colors alot, but im not too sure about the texture inside the bird though, maybe a smooth chrome look. its alittle crowded,maybe space the words from the logo.

    #3 i really like the third one. its simple clean and stealthy. the font has to go. it would be such a better logo with a cool font, maybe the lettering from number 3!? or put the bird from this one in the bird #2

    #4 the fourh one is good, but it is too much. the car, the gauges, the bird all together are competing for attention. it should have one primary item of importance, and everything else should be smaller and secondary adn terciary. loose the t-bird image and it wont be so cluttered.

    #5 the fifth is the best. makes a great flyer but a little much for a "logo". just he sccoa and the gauges should be the logo.

    hope you find this helpful and are not hurt by the comments, its just makes for a better design in the long run.

    good luck!

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    Vic Rattlehead Guest

    Re: National Event Logo Voting

    If I were to vote the ONLY one that represents the ALL MN-12 meet would be the 3rd one. Remember this is NOT JUST A SCCoA MEET! As I remember, ALL MN-12's were invited RIGHT? Do I kneed a Super Coupe to join this meet?

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    XB70 Guest

    Vic...! Come on, voltmeter vs. boost gauge??

    Come come now...the logo says 1st national MN12 meet. The gauge pod adds attitude but for the Mark VIIIs (slightly different). Youre not suggesting we replace the boost gauge with a volt gauge...are you? We're not intending to dis anyone, but so far the voting is close to a landslide. That is....unless someone comes up with some pregnant Chads....


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    Pat DiPersia Guest

    Re: Vic...! Come on, voltmeter vs. boost gauge??

    Speaking of. . . I would vote, but someone would have to pay for my time. I run $200 an hour, or $20 a chad!

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    Stryford Guest

    Re: Vic...! Come on, voltmeter vs. boost gauge??

    all MN12's ARE invited, but this meet was started by SCCoA. that is why SCCoA are in the logos (besides the third one). and i agree with Glenn (XB70) about the boost gauge vs. the voltmeter gauge. i'd rather see the boost gauge, even if i didn't own a Super Coupe.

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    Vic Rattlehead Guest


    I never said anything about replacing the boost gauge with a volt gauge. Im just saying loose the SCCoA. I like the third and last one, but the others are kinda ify. I would have designed one but Ive been working on stuff for my job, so i guess I cant really say anything.

    Rattlehead Design

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    Josh Hansen Guest


    I liked the 3rd one myself... I just thought I'd give it a shot, no harm in tryin'... Just went into Corel Draw and slapped it together, never really done any formal art stuff... hell I hate drawing... Thanks for the advice though i'll keep it in mind next time...

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    Kurt Sunday Guest

    Looks like Todd Jelle is the winner.

    Thanks to everyone that entered and voted.

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    ying1 Guest


    i think todd just voted alot!

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    Todd Jelle Guest

    Re: re

    Thanks ying1, But I only voted once & almost voted on #3 which isn't mine, but since Im invoved in graphics I knew it might be hard to reproduce on a t-shirt accurately and it didn't have enough info. about the event.

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    pdennis Guest

    Re: National Event Logo Voting

    i forgot to vote until just now, why didnt anyone post the voting for this on the misc board?

    just curious

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    Stryford Guest

    Re: National Event Logo Voting

    Peter, the voting was posted by Kurt Sunday in the Misc BBS. it was posted a long time ago, but that's how i found about the voting.

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