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Applications: 89-90 SC 3.8, 89-90 XR7 supercharged 3.8, 89 Taurus SHO 3.0
Ford Part: 1U2Z 12A297 BB (Old: E9DZ-12A297-B)
Motorcraft Part: DY-960 (Old: DY-554)
Neihoff Part: FF414
Echlin Part: TP56
KEM Part: E326
Standard Part: LX-231
Borg Warner: CBE41
GP Soreson: EL146

Applications: 91-93 SC 3.8, 90-95 Taurus SHO 3.0, 93-95 Taurus SHO 3.2
Ford Part: 1U2Z 12A297 CB (Old: F1SZ-12A297-B)
Motorcraft Part: DY-958 (Old: DY-655)
Neihoff Part: FF424
Echlin Part: TP502
KEM Part: E329
Standard Part: LX-242
Borg Warner: CBE58
GP Soreson: EL172

Applications: 94-95 SC 3.8, 94-97 T-Bird & Cougar 3.8 (California emissions ONLY!), 94-01 Mustang 3.8
Ford Part: F4ZZ 12K072 A (Old: F4SZ 12K072 B)
Motorcraft Part: DY-689 (Old: DY-727)
Standard Part:LX-256
Niehoff FF420
Borg Warner CBE52
GP Sorensen EL378
Wells F159

Jason Marsh posted that the DY-960 and DY-958 were interchangeable. (He is using a 90 module on his 93.) I am also under the understanding that all are made by Standard, and just re-packaged under other brands.

Additional 94-95 part number from David Pultz (kendall221) on 03/18/05.