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Thread: Idle Woes...AGAIN!

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    Thumbs up 007 supercoupe I've got it! I hope

    I HAD the EXACT same problems as you do. I found out today what was causing this problem. No matter how tight you thought your Intercooler tubes are, re-check them. The top tube was loose, as soon as I touched it the car almost dies. So I tightened it up and now it runs perfectly. I must have replaced the entire engine and it was this one simple thing.

    IM me at Consciouseye and let me know what you found!

    Best of luck


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    My car is fixed!!

    I have to eat my words though! It seems mikec had it right all along. You all didn't see the email I sent him last night. I assured him that I had checked the IC tubes for a leak, but found none. Has anyone ever stuck their foot so far in their mouth that they were chewing on kneecap? Well, it seems that I have! Thanks mikec, that WAS the problem. The lower IC tube was not totally sealed. And as if on cue, this morning when I fired her up, what did I hear, but that tell tale whistle of a vacuum leak. She's running like a champ now. Thanks again every one, but especially mikec! (have I kissed you @$$ enough yet? )

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    How did you discover the leak?

    I might have to re-seal my tubes this summer.

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    have you tryed replacing the tpi throtel possion sencer
    i had to replace mine 3-4 times a year they have a hole in the top sowhen i washed the moter it would get wet and after a few days the same problem you have I stoped buying them from ford at $45 a pop and went to schucks $2295 opened the box and it said ford on it !!
    I put a spot of tape over the hole and that was 3 years ago
    no problem sence
    good luck
    Joel the red russeller

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