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Thread: How about a Raffle?

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    Thomas A Guest

    How about a Raffle?

    I was thinking it might be kinda cool if we could have a raffle like TCCOA has done in the past. It could help pay for the CSC Gold membership, or help with the cost of the National Meet, or send it all to charity. I really don't care where the money would go to. I would just like a chance to win some cool SC stuff! You think this could ever be a possibility? Later.



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    tbird88 Guest

    Excellent idea! I wouldn't mind donatin' sumthin' to the cause. It's not much, but we still got some Super Coupe t-shirts left, maybe members would wanna send a dollar in to the powers-that-be for a chance at a shirt. Pic below.

    On higher dollar items, you could limit the # of chances per member so nobody "buys" an item like on "another" site.

    Pick a cut-off date & let's do it.

    A Super Coupe t-shirt, size is choice of Medium or Large.
    $1 a chance, drawin' is March 15th. Whoever runs the raffle does the drawin' & notifies the club. I'll cover the shippin' to the lower 48.

    Now who has a pair of clear corners they wanna raffle, got my dollar waitin' !


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    Thomas A Guest

    Yes, I agree with the time/ticket limits. Good point.


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    Ron DiPaola Guest

    I've added a raffle forum.

    BTW - The money that ezboard gets for this service is unreal and I do have plans to run it myself.


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    tbird88 Guest

    Ron, by "this service" do you mean they get a cut of the raffle or do you mean just the cost of the boards in general?

    As before, I'd be happy to donate shirt(s) if it would help pay the general EZ bills, but not too crazy about EZ gettin' a direct cut off the top of the raffle just because it's a raffle.

    "The money that ezboard gets for this service is unreal..."


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    Ron DiPaola Guest

    I mean that we pay for the EZboard service, just the boards in general.

    I think any money raised should go towards web site costs...

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    Tazer999 Guest

    So when we gonna have one?

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    tbird88 Guest

    Well, if I can stay outa the junkyards & out from under the hood of the SC I just got then maybe I'd have the snap to get with Ron D about what address to send the buck to and etc.

    That's if the t-shirt thing I mentioned above is gonna fly. Myself, I ain't got nuthin' else to raffle that I can think of.

    Wait a minute...I could armorall an air silencer & raffle it. There's a dude in Austin that'll buy anything related to a SC, he'll buy $20 worth of chances.


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    charlez Guest



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