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Thread: Dyno Results in this section too?

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    Dean Shirley Guest

    Dyno Results in this section too?

    What about adding Dyno Results to this section. If people could post a scanned pic of their results plus a list of mods it may cut down on the number of people asking 'how much will this add to my car.'

    Just a thought.

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    Great Idea!!!

    I think Dean has a great idea here. Until someone makes a decision as to whether they want this stuff relegated out to a different section of the forums, maybe we could use this section for dyno slips.

    Here's mine:


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    of note is the fact that the dyno sheets are available in the "Top SCs section":

    Anyone can submit their results as long as their car conforms to the rules. Feel free to use this forum for dyno results.


    1993 Ford Thunderbird SC
    13.78 @ 99.98 MPH

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