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Thread: 91 Black on Black 133k in Autotrader

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    91 Black on Black 133k in Autotrader

    There's a low KM 91 in Autotrader this week located in Oakville.
    If you like body work it is worth considering.
    91 Black on Black leather, Auto, Moonroof, JBL Cass., 133K kms.
    Known problems: ABS - hard pedal - has been sitting for a year since this came along. He is asking $3900, but negotiable.
    Does not start now since sitting.
    I looked at it yesterday thinking I might scoop it quick and low like $2000-$2500, and swap in my spare accumulator assembly. I was not worried about it failing to start, intended to run quick test or check fuel press, good point to talk the price down.
    When I saw the rust, I didn't bother considering anything further. The finish is good like it has not seen alot of weather, but rust is coming through in the usual places including a hole under the passengers side window.

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    I also see some wacko asking $5900 for a 90 with well over 200K on her...ya

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    some people are asking out of this world prices

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