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Thread: CD Player installation help

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    CD Player installation help

    Ok, here's the deal. The guy who had my SC before me took out the stock radio that's underneath the VIM module, and put in an Alpine Headunit. I purchased a new Pioneer headunit recently, and it came today. I go out to pull the Alpine out, and I can't figure out how to. I tried pulling one dash piece off, but it doesn't want to come off at all, and I can't seem to get at where the CD player is. I'd take some pics if I could for a visual of the problem, but I can't. There's no VIM module in my SC right now, so I can see the top and everything of the Alpine deck. I have no clue how to get it out though, or how to get the dash apart so I can yank it out. Any help you guys have at all would be great. Thanks.


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    hey man... there should be 2 clips on either side of the head unit. When you install an aftermarket CD/tape player 99% of the time it comes with a cradle that the head unit slides into. On this cradle there are slots/tabs all over it that you use to secure it in place by pushing on them with a screw driver/knife/ or whatever else you may have (It basicly holds everything tight). Then after that's installed, you just push the CD/tape player in and it locks into the cradle by little tiny clips on either side of the head unit (look at your new one, I know alpines have it)... they are probably really small and hard to see (feel around the sides of the unit with a kinfe or something). Just try looking for anything that seems like it may be holding it in.... you will need a small knife or screw driver to be able to "un-lock" it from the cradle (most times, you have to push the clips upward or forwards to unlock it). If I had pictures available, I would show you what I'm talking about... but I don't unfortunitly. I hope this helps you man, shoot me an e-mail if you still can't get it out.

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