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    New York

    East End Super Coupe Service
    361 June Avenue
    Flanders, NY 11901

    Christopher M. Iarocci - [email protected]
    David Hildesheim - [email protected]


    These are a couple of Ford Technicians who have decided to help out people in their area with their SCs. Chris owns an SC with 155,000 miles on it and it's still going strong. They have worked on many SCs doing stuff from routine maintenance to ripping the engine apart to do the job everyone with an SC dreads.....HEAD GASKETS! Give them a call or write them an e-mail and they will try and help you in any way they can.

    submitted by: Christopher M. Iarocci [email protected]

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    Shop Name: Metro Ford
    Shop Address: 3601 State Street, Schenectady, NY, 12304
    Shop Phone Number: (518) 382-1010
    Shop Website:

    Mechanic Name: ERIC PASKO [email protected]

    Comments: I've taken my car to Eric since summer 2001 when he worked at Latham Ford in Latham NY. He hooked me up with some great end of warranty service. He did my clutch, and harmonic balancer. He owns 2 SC's himself and one he dropped a big ole' engine into and goes racing with it. I trust him with my car since he knows what to look for. On my last visit I had a coolant leak and he told me where the leak was, how to fix it and set me up at the parts dept. to get the right parts so I could do-it-myself. He may work at a stealership but at least he has access to everything Ford.

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    Terryville Service Center
    604 Bicycle Path

    Scott is who i dealt with, he was recommended to me by HappyHourHero.
    This guy helped me a lot with getting my SC working again after the ford dealerships said my parts were out of production. Scott found the parts I needed and did it for less then the dealership originally quoted before telling me they couldnt do it. I would bring my car there anyday even though its about an hour away from where i live.
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    David Hildesheim of East ENd

    Seriously hes the man to go to although hes been busy lately..
    They don't call me "SLOWPOKE" for nothin!
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