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Thread: Idea for Nationals!!!!!!!!!

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    68COUGAR Guest

    Idea for Nationals!!!!!!!!!

    How about having a Skid-Pad competition to see who can pull the highest G's?

    How are Skid-Pad tests done?


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    ToddDrefcinski Guest

    Re: Idea for Nationals!!!!!!!!!

    I'd be up for that if there's a safe place to smack a 200' circle with no kids around. I'll have to get some practice in with the new suspension and braces!!!

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    MN12nationals Guest

    Re: Idea for Nationals!!!!!!!!!

    I am trying to get a slot for us at the tire rack track that is just being finished. Look for more info soon.

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    RoadRunner Guest

    Re: Idea for Nationals!!!!!!!!!

    Well I have an idea for Nationals if folks are willing to come to the SW again.
    Motorsport Ranch in Cresson, TX. just South of Ft Worth. It has the skid pad you want with plenty of room. It also has a 1.7 mile road race course for street or race cars. Only gentlenan type racing allowed, only pass on strait-ways so no fender rubbing. Plenty of room if you run off course so no damage done, usually. I have put my 95 SC 5spd on it. Auto's would do Ok as well.

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