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    m0digital Guest



    I am a 95 TBird owner @ Purdue U in West Lafayette, I'm planning on going to the MN12 Meet In August. Is there gonna be a fee? I haven't seen anything posted about it at all. I know there is the Hotel but isn't there gonna be a fee for the event as well? Did I miss something?

    Looking forward to checking out all the purdy birds there. Mine isn't modded at all ( lack of cash) but I have been making a huge list of things to do once I do get the cash.

    See you all there.


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    Boostman23 Guest

    Re: Fee?


    Thanks for pointing that out for me. I didn't realize that the info was not on the Nationals site. I will update it soon.

    As far as fees go:

    1) Registration $25($20 if you are pre-registered).

    2) Drag Race cost is $20 to race, and $8 for spectator. This will be held on Saturday, but more time is available on Friday as well as Sunday).

    3) Dyno fee is $50, if you choose to participate. Only a few spots left. Post on the related BBS posting to get on the list.

    4) Hotel cost, $55 a night.

    5) Burnout contest FREE.

    6) Car Show FREE.

    7) BBQ Lunch FREE.

    I think this is everything, but I will make sure the website is updated with the complete information.

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