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Thread: Sean..........Brakes?

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    ryan a harris Guest


    Sean I can't find that post about your brakes so, I was wondering what you are going to do with the old rotors?

    At work I've crossed drilled and slotted rotors for my old car (NISSAN 300ZX). With an old pair I could easily program a pattern(a several) and try it out. This would be only if you are throwing them out.

    I've got a little strecth coming up with no pressing jobs, so this is a good time. Also if I can get to work well I will offer them to club members for a fair price, just the slotting & drill only.

    Drop me a line to let me know.

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    SeanMatteson Guest

    Re: Sean..........Brakes?


    Last night, and this evening I gave everything a good look, and it appears everything is fine with my brakes. In light of the Canadian V6 Challenge being only a week away, it's unlikely that I'll be doing the upgrade to the bigger brakes up front before then. I do still have the spare stock rotors that came off the wreck, but I was holding onto those because they're plenty thick still, and they'll make good spare should I need to swap them on my car. If/when that day comes, and if my current rotors aren't any good, then you're welcome to them to experiment with.

    Would you be destroying a set to set up the program? If you're looking for a set to use as your first off's, then I may be willing to lend them to you so long as you're not going to charge me anything for the first cross-drill or gas slot job you do?! Would the rotors need to be turned first? I wouldn't want to do anything to these if they were going to go back on a car unless I turned them first to ensure they're true.

    Let me know what your plans are.

    Best regards,

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    ryan a harris Guest

    Re: Sean..........Brakes?

    I'm not looking at the forst off to be scrap, but it does happen. I'm more less lokking for the spacing of the vents, and the hub size to make an arbour to clamp onto. I'm not going to use your rotors first if you DO want to keep them. The slots are small pain.
    I also did my buddies supra rotors, broke a drill and endmill on them, they did clean up fine. Only difference now is his says the pads are wearinr faster than before. Can anyone do a coating the rotors first, that would help.
    Sean maybe I could use one rotor to measure what I need then give it back to you(no holes). As far as turnig I could take a few thousandths for you if wanted me to, no problem. This done on an engine lathe, not brake lathe or what ever it's called. I've done this before to, just mark witch rotor came off what wheel and everthing should go on without any wobbles.

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    SeanMatteson Guest

    Re: Sean..........Brakes?


    All four of the spare rotors are just sitting on the floor of my garage right now. Drop me an email, or give me a shout at some point and we can arrange for you to borrow one/all of them.

    From what I've heard, more rapid pad wear is common to drilled or slotted rotors. The point of the machining is to improve stopping power, and also to improve the cooling of the rotor. The pad wear is supposed to be a trade-off. At least, that's what I've been led to believe so far.


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