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    Bill A McNeil Guest


    I hit the dyno yesterday at Dyno Services by J&P. My computer is not working at the moment, so I cannot scan the sheet to display.

    The results are in my signature. Not bad for a break-in tuner file!

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    Tazer999 Guest



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    lazybird4pt6 Guest


    Congratulations! Nice numbers. Are you going to run it at Carlisle this weekend?????????

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    sabbySC Guest

    holy cow

    way to go Bill!!

    Those are some great numbers. If I could get my truck to dyno that well I would be very happy.

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    DustedInCogneto Guest


    WOW!!!!, thats great. BTW does J&P have a website, how much do they charge to run, any info would be great


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    BlueThunder90 Guest

    Re: re

    What do you think the car will run?

    Luke, XDR is having a Dyno day in June....$50 for 2 pulls

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    V6Sprout Guest

    Re: re

    Damn, thats awesoem Bill, my motor is almost identical only I think I have a bigger cam and long tube hearders. I can't wait to get mine on the dyno, gotta get it running first though! Congrats bro!

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    V6Sprout Guest


    bill was that with the stock blower or ESM blower?

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    Les Borda Guest


    It was the ESM blower not the stock one.

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    fred 4 pt 3 Guest


    To get an estimate of dyno crank hp divide by .82 for driveline - then add at least 35 hp for exhaust and alternator drags, and PS pump, too.

    310/.82 = 378

    378 + 35 = 415 chp

    Also, there are a few hp's left in the tuneup.

    You had requested a completely driveable cam that would put you in the ballpark of CMRE 2 and it feels like a success, to me. Coy dynoed 325 rwhp with that amazing intercooler but bad tuneup (stock file-tunerboard crapped out) last year at Carlisle. He coulda put down 345 or so, I think.

    Here's the good news - that cam only lifts .548 with some of the most aggressive lobes I've ever seen. You can go to a 1.80 rocker and be at .570 lift. Me, I know the .548 is better for street because of the wear and stress factors. And if you grind a cam to lift that high, instead of multiply it, you get into the soft part of the lobe on the cam's backside, again, not the best wear situation (ask me how I know!). But - if you get greedy for bragging rights - there it is.

    What I'm banking on, is not peak numbers. I'm excited to see the plot of the dyno run, because you should have a big fat torque curve, with high average power figures (more important than peak) and again, more useful for street.

    There's at least 30 more ponies in there, with your current blower/intake setup. [late nite ad voice] But wait ! There is more ! [/voice] By speccing the compression ratio as I did, you are able to use some blower od beyond what you have so far, if you put 100 octane no-lead in there. Try to keep your boost below 18 psi.

    So, really, no need to change the cam lift, but Tom assured me that the engine was clearanced for .600 lift.

    I hope you're pleased.

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    ESM Direct Sales Rep Guest


    Actually, Bill opted not to purchase the ESM blower. Bill, keep me posted if you want to crank the boost up, you will need some major case upgrades to keep it together for any worthy length of time.

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    fred 4 pt 3 Guest


    What Bill and I talked about was his mods and his heads, and he wanted to be eminently streetable above all. I have similar sentiments about my own car. The platform he is on right now is a good balance of performance, streetability, and longevity. I see longevity as part of the streetability equation, so the balance is made where camtrain wear and boost are not too high, but build in room to grow if such is the desire.

    Granted, it's Tom's build, not mine. But I do my mills just as outlined, in case anyone cares ....

    I bet Paul would sell me an ESM blower, if I twitched. There's a lot more room for boost on the 4.3 . I've never seen more than 12. But we GOTTA do something about those pukey colors. SC you guys at Carlisle !! We can take this up, there.

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    Darryl OKeefe Guest


    AWESOME Bill. Great stuff, amazing numbers!!


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    Les Borda Guest


    Please excuse my ignorance because I made a mistake on the type of blower Bill is using, It is a Magnum Powers blower and intake plenum. Sorry for the confusion this may have caused,

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    SeanMatteson Guest


    Bill et al,

    Those are some pretty impressive numbers! Seeing stuff like that is a great reward for all the money you forked over, and also for the time and skinned knuckles that more than a few of us shared during your project. Having flogged your car with the break-in file in place, I must say that I thought the car pulled hard already. I can't wait to give her a try again with the new tuning that Dr. Fred has provided, and with the new wheels/tires. Those old tires were really limiting how much fun we could have with her!

    I just spoke with Bill a short while ago, as he was preparing to leave the show field at Carlisle to head home. Despite having a great week down in Myrtle Beach with the family (Y'all know how many alligators they have down there?! ), I'm very disappointed that I missed out on all the fun in Carlisle! I MUST make this trip next year!

    Bill, it sounds like you need to hook up with Paul from ESM, and get the details about the quick change pulleys!!! Being around the 18 psi mark for the track would be really sweet with that mill!

    Best regards,

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