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Thread: HELP!!!!!!!!! Power Window Motor

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    Les Borda Guest

    HELP!!!!!!!!! Power Window Motor

    It figures as if I don't have enough to do to before Carlisle my stupid drivers side power wondow motor kaks tonight out fo the blue. The motor is turning but the window is skipping and I could barely get it closed, I think those plastic gears bit the big one.

    Does anyone have a spare motor???

    Sabby if you see this I posted you a request in the other topic.

    Has anyone ever changed one of these and could lend a hand so I could get it done quickly(IF I find a motor that is)

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    sabbySC Guest


    I tried to email you but I got an auto response. I've emailed Steve since the interior parts of the doors really are his. If things work out I'll try to get up there tomorow night or the day after to help out.

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    ryan a harris Guest

    Re: HELP!!!!!!!!! Power Window Motor

    If you need Les I'll take the out of the busted down '90.

    let me know so I can have it out for wed.

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    lazybird4pt6 Guest

    Re: HELP!!!!!!!!! Power Window Motor

    Hey, Les! You gonna be at Hooters on Wednesday night? Maybe we can do this in the parking lot? I've got skinny arms so I know I can get them swapped without having to drill the door to remove the old unit. Just trying to help a fellow puffer. I always have my tools with me, so let me know if you wanna do this (if you have the parts). I'll be there by 8:00, for sure!
    If you don't get the motor, I may be able to get one out of my buddy's parts car, but time will be limited. I'm taking Thursday off work for last minute emergencies, sounds like one to me!

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    Les Borda Guest

    Re: HELP!!!!!!!!! Power Window Motor

    Thanks guys for all the help. What ended up happening is I called Ed early this morning and thank God Ford has remanufactured units for $120.00 with your old core. Ed had one my 3:00pm and by then I had the old motor out and I put the new one in at Ed's.

    Zipppppppppppppppp up..Ziipppppppppppppppppp down..damned fast too, must be an intercooled window motor..LMAO.

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    fast Ed N Guest

    Re: HELP!!!!!!!!! Power Window Motor

    Les, I'll have to get you a fresh one for the other side now so they match

    Glad to hear it's working well for you.

    Ed N.

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    Les Borda Guest

    Re: HELP!!!!!!!!! Power Window Motor

    Ya know Ed there is a difference now the passanger side which used to seem quick now seems slow. Mind you I spray lubed all the tracks and gears at Midas while I was pulling the old motor out,

    Ed who is that BLONDE that dresses so HOT with the kinky strappy hi heels and the big,,errr I mean full,,,no I mean huge...ahhhhh ear lobes. GAWD she strutted across the lot and said hello to me cuz I;ve seen her before but not looking like that..WOWWWWWWWWW.

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    ryan a harris Guest

    Re: HELP!!!!!!!!! Power Window Motor

    Glad to hear that. 'cause I couldn't even get the door panel off

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    Les Borda Guest

    Re: HELP!!!!!!!!! Power Window Motor

    Ah yes one more thing to teach you Ryan hell I have mine off in less than 5 minutes now and Bills too. There a couple of little tricks to it I'll splain Wednesday night.

    Did you pick up your motor mount yet?

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    ryan a harris Guest

    Re: HELP!!!!!!!!! Power Window Motor

    Crappy tire $99.99. pciked it up at the depot. going to be putting right after this post, after I pick the bolt to repalce that stupid little cap thingie on that bolt thru mount and the fender(I think).

    After wed night parts haul, all hell is gonna' break lose in my driveway, water pump, power steering pump, new rad, new t-stat, new hoses, new battery(well almost new). Think thats it for now.

    Les now that i've seen that mac intake I WANT ONE!!!!!!

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