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Thread: Brake Rotor Problem

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    Seshead Guest

    Brake Rotor Problem

    Wassup guys I need your help

    I am doing my front brakes and I came across a problem.

    After removing the calipers and pads, my rotors will not come off. We tried banging it and all sorts of stuff still no luck.

    If you have any suggestions on removing this rotor please reply ASAP


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    Wayne Ing Guest

    Re: Brake Rotor Problem

    You need a bigger hammer.

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    fast Ed N Guest

    Re: Brake Rotor Problem

    Rocky, it sounds like trouble with corrosion between the back of the rotor and the face of the wheel bearing hub. You'll just have to keep beating on them, try some heat on the back of them if you can, but not too much, you don't want to hurt the bearing. You may be able to find a 3-jawed puller that's big enough to go over the outside diameter of the rotor, and pull it off that way.

    We often get F150s and Expeditions here that have the rotors corroded on to the hub, when they're only 2 or 3 years old. They end up using the puller on those often times.

    Ed N.

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    Seshead Guest

    Brake rotor problem

    Thanx for the tip wayne but seriously do these front rotors come with studs.

    That is when you buy new rotors do they come with studs?

    Because I took off both front tires and looked at the rotors and the rotors look like they are joined with the studs.

    Please help and reply ASAP as I am working on them as I type

    Thanx Rocky

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    fast Ed N Guest

    Re: Brake rotor problem

    If you're talking about the front of an 89-up T-Bird or Cougar, the front hubs are a sealed unit with the bearings, the wheel studs are part of this piece. The rotor is a slip-on (and supposed to be slip-off !!!) type that just goes over the studs when the caliper is out of the way.

    Ed N.

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    Wayne Ing Guest

    Re: Brake rotor problem

    Yeah, what Ed said. Hit it with a bigger hammer.

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    SeanMatteson Guest

    Re: Brake rotor problem

    You'll want to be really careful, but I've also heard that driving around the block with the lug nuts loose may help break the rotor free.


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    Bill A McNeil Guest

    Re: Brake rotor problem

    Sean, what about the parts washer?

    Sorry Rocky, I know this post was useless, but Sean gets it.

    Are you coming to the meet on Wednesday? I'd like to see those tires again, and see those rims in daylight.

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    Les Borda Guest

    Re: Brake rotor problem

    BIGGGGGGGGGGGGG hammer Rocky like a nice FAT ballpean(sp?) and whack the ~~~~~ out of it. Spray around the lug nuts and the center section of the hub with penetrating oil and let it soak in.

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    Seshead Guest

    : Brake rotor problem

    Thanx for all your help guys!~!!!

    I went out and bought a sledge hammer and banged the @#%$ out of those rusted rotors.

    NOw it is smmoth sailing (and braking)

    In regards to the meet I have to dio a couple of things during the day but if im done in time Ill make sure to swing by to meet the rest of the fellow SC'ers

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