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Thread: To all with '89-'91 SC's

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    Kirk Bryan Guest

    To all with '89-'91 SC's

    Who was on the 403 at Mavis going west at 5:41pm Sunday May 5th?

    Just curious...

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    BlueThunder90 Guest

    Re: To all with '89-'91 SC's

    Might have been me. What colour was the car?

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    kiwikiwikiwi Guest

    Re: To all with '89-'91 SC's

    It could have been me, was it black with a spoiler and ram air hood with polished aluminum 5 stars??

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    Kirk Bryan Guest

    Re: To all with '89-'91 SC's

    Oops! Yeah, I guess all that information would be helpful.

    Stock wheels
    Exterior stock (I didn't notice anything, sorry if it's not) w/spoiler and bra

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