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Thread: Clear Corners?

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    Seshead Guest

    Clear Corners?

    Anyone interested in getting a pair?????

    I remember reading a post before about a group buy for clear corners.

    Is it still going on or not???

    If not, anyone still interested????

    I'm in on it and if you are interested reply to this thread and maybe we can get one on its way.


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    Greg Coleman Guest

    Re: Clear Corners?

    I want a set of clear corners.Now there are 2 types of clear corners.I want the ones that look like our originals.

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    Seshead Guest

    Re: Clear Corners?

    same here want the older style ones

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    fast Ed N Guest

    Re: Clear Corners?

    I was trying to get a deal on a quantity buy for these. SC Performance wanted us to order 30 sets. I also tried, they told me a wholesale rep. would be getting back to me, but they never did. I'm suspecting we would need probably 20 people or more before I could order these and get enough of a deal on them to be able to cover the costs of ordering them and bringing them up from the U.S.

    Ed N.

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    SnoopyLuke Guest

    Re: Clear Corners?

    I'm interested in those Clear Corners too, lemme know the price as i'm in on the deal.


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    stevexr7sc Guest

    Re: Clear Corners?

    Guys, I'm still interested in the clear lenses. Let me know what happens with the group purchase.

    Steve XR7

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    SnoopyLuke Guest

    Re: Clear Corners?

    I know this might be going overboard, but what about clear REAR ones, not just corners but the whole rear. I think they would look nice on a White or Silver SC.... somebody slap me if i'm being dumb


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    Distinguished Dat2k1 Guest

    Re: Clear Corners?


    clear tails look not so good on american cars....and not so good on most rice either, but there are some exceptions....not many though.

    which reminds me....would anyone frequent a website called "Dumbest cars I've ever seen" if I were to set one up? Or even contribute pictures? There is this Toyota Tercel, 4 door, bone stck, burgandy color, CTC "chrome" hubcaps with a Indy Car style wing on it...adjustable and all. I laugh my ~~~ off every time I see it. I would love to have it as a mascot for this website I have brewing.

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    Seshead Guest

    Clear Corners?

    C'mon guys reply to the post!!!!!

    Are there anymore people interested in this purchase???

    By the looks of it, I dont think we will have enough memebrs making a purchase to get a deal.

    And if it doesnt go through soon I might just make the purchase myself.

    So guys come on and reply and let us know if you are interested.

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    Bill A McNeil Guest

    Re: Clear Corners?

    Rocky, sorry to change the subject, bu what size and model Yok tire were you running again?


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    SeanMatteson Guest

    Re: Clear Corners?


    If the price is right, I may be interested. Please let me know what I might be looking at, and I'll let you know if I'm definitely in or not.


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    fast Ed N Guest

    Re: Clear Corners?

    Guys, I've had no luck getting any response from on a volume discount. So I'll have to say your on your own on this one.

    sorry ...

    Ed N.

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