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Thread: Cruise Control & Magnum Powers 85mm Throttle Body

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    Cruise Control & Magnum Powers 85mm Throttle Body

    Has anyone had a problem with their cruise control and the Magnum Powers throttle body?

    I lost my cruise control a little after I installed the TB last year. I took apart the cruise servo this year and found the metal clip that holds the wire with the ball at the end of it had snapped.

    I replaced the clip, reinstalled the servo, but to no avail. It feels like when I go to use the cruise it is trying, but it feels like there is not enough vaccum to pull the throttle down.

    I am wondering if the amount of pressure needed to pull the throttle is too much for the servo unit.

    Ideas? Am I way out there?

    I got another unit from the junkyard and plan on installing that one, but wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this.


    1993 Ford Thunderbird SC
    13.78 @ 99.98 MPH

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    I didn't have that exact problem, but I had a similar issue with my BBK TB. When I got it, the throttle spring was WAAAAY too tight! It felt like I was driving a big truck or something, my foot would get tired. The tension comes from that round spring, so to fix it, I loosened one end of the spring, which of course caused it to unwind completely. Then I wound it back up until it felt good, I think it was only one or two rotations. You could try doing that and see if it fixes the cruise problem.

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