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Thread: Could EGR delete on 89 SC cause idle sputter?

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    Could EGR delete on 89 SC cause idle sputter?

    I deleted mine till I can buy a new EGR to manifold tube, and install my 3.8L Stang headers. I get the code 32 for low PFE sensor, but no CE light.

    My cooling fan was not coming on yesterday so I replaced the ECT sensor, the temp sender for the gauge (mine was always reading low), and cleaned the Oxygen sensors (using Oxygen sensor safe carb cleaner and a propane torch to heat them up and remove carbon, saw it on the forums somewhere). I was getting a code 41, but last night I pulled the power to the battery, clearing all codes.

    This morning, I replaced the ECT, installed the O2 sensors (cleaned), reconnected the battery, started her and let her warm up. The temp gauge now works, the cooling fan came on around the "M". I ran the code test and I received the "32" and no others. The cylinder balance test was fine as well. However, after she is warmed up, the idle does NOT drop, but randomly, every few moments, it will sputter, like a lean miss or something. Kinda like if you had a vacuum leak.

    Now also this morning, I completely resealed both IC tubes and the SC top, and while running, I connected a real vacuum gauge and it is rock steady @ 18.5" of vac. I can rev the engine, watch the vac gauge and it is nice and smooth in all transitions, no bouncing, etc.

    Is my vacuum reading a good one? 18.5"? Could the fact that I have the vacuum line still hooked to the EGR valve (which has been disabled by adding a blocking gasket between the valve and the intake).

    The only other mod I did was bypassing the coolant lines that go to the throttle body. I removed them and simply added a tube between them with clamps.

    Any ideas? Should I still replace the oxy sensors? Or should I just accept this as normal operation?

    I was told a few years back that Ford runs their EEC's to be as lean as possible during idle and part throttle operation. This same guy said that it would cause a lean misfire at idle but was deemed acceptable to Ford even though alot of people complained because they thought there was a problem with the motor? Anyone ever heard of this?

    Thanks for all your help


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    I can't offer much on the codes but I can tell you for a fact that I blocked the EGR on my '89 auto and suffered no ill effects whatsoever. I thought it might cause a small problem because more air would be needed & the only place for it to come from would be through the MAF but I haven't had to adjust anything such as the TPS...yet. Maybe just dumb luck?
    Hopefully someone with some real brains will drop in here & add sumthin' useful that will help you out.


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