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Thread: '89 SC 5spd

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    Kirk Bryan Guest

    '89 SC 5spd

    How much should I pay for an '89 SC 5spd with some issues like...

    Check engine light is on
    Leather is chewed up
    Power seats don't work
    Leaks oil
    Oil dip stick tube is wobbly (don't think it's serious)
    Steering was stiff due to leaking steering fluid (I think)
    Body has bumps and dings
    Driver side window motor is broken
    Parking brake doesn't work
    Shift knob leather worn through
    Battery is dead
    Spark plug wires arc
    JBL system missing volume buttons (little thing count too)
    Wasps' nest in door well
    Passenger side quarter panel trim missing
    Has been sitting for about 1 year
    Dirty as f'ing hell

    Now on the plus side...

    Engine sounded strong (once I got it started)
    Steady idle
    Price will be quite low

    My only concern is if the engine is no good, I want to be able to make my money back by parting it out. Anyone looking for any parts from an '89 5spd??? Let me know what you are looking for and the price (or I'll tell you the price).

    I would love some comments.

    Thanks guys

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    Peterdroy66 Guest

    Re: '89 SC 5spd

    Low ball'm show up with $500 max.
    You didn't mention Km's, but it sounds pretty tired.
    Sean M. might want the hood if it is excellent?

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    Kirk Bryan Guest

    Re: '89 SC 5spd

    Oh yeah. Km's are 240000.

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    SeanMatteson Guest

    Re: '89 SC 5spd


    If you decide to buy this thing and part it out, let me know what kind of shape the hood is in, please.



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    Les Borda Guest

    Re: '89 SC 5spd

    $500 absolute top dollar not a dime more, it's a parts car and will be nothing more unless you drop 10G's on it.

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    R31DriftKing Guest

    Re: '89 SC 5spd

    how much for a rear end?? mine is leaking...

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