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  • 0-500 miles

    57 53.77%
  • 501-1000 miles

    34 32.08%
  • 1001-1500 miles

    12 11.32%
  • 1501-2000+ miles

    3 2.83%
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Thread: How Far will You Drive

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    How Far will You Drive

    This is a poll to get the general Idea of how far someone would drive for an Annual Supercoupe/XR7 Shootout.

    Remember this shootout will have prizes, specified classes, trophies/special awards a catered banquet, dyno day, and a full heads up race day. The winners would then be dubbed the fastest of their class for that year. Anyway, on with the poll.
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    152 Views and only 41 votes? Come on guys, have a take. Don't suck.

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    This is a toughie since I won't even feel interested enough in a Shelby meet to drive 400mi to Dallas.

    OTOH if I were interested enough in making it to a meet to actually do it I suppose 1500 miles would be about right.

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    Heck its a 600 mile trip from my house in Northern Ca. to see family in San Diego So 500 miles is no big deal.

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