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Thread: QA1 Adjustable Suspension

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    QA1 Adjustable Suspension

    I am currently in the process of manufacturing a complete coil and shock set up for sc's and xr7. These shocks have a 12 way adjustable damp and rebound feature. Prices are comparable to the koni,bilstien, or tokicko with eibach set up now available but this will give far better performance, is all aluminum billet construction, has infinitley adjustable ride heights with the turn of the adjistment colar and is lifetime warranty. Complete sets with front struts coils and rear shocks coils go for $900 U.S

    The car will handle much better with these and you can set the up for drag or corners without taking anything off the car.

    If you are interested I need your financial commitment and delivery will be in a month or so.

    Thanks to all who reply.

    P.S. I will not be making any further investments in the tooing unless I get at least 500 people interested here.

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    I'm insterested in coil overs for the 4.6v8 cars (1997), I assume I'm going to have to weld on the mounts? or are you selling a new suspension cradle too?

    Btw, unless coil overs are rated differently, (depending on the height, etc.)
    250 lbs is way to low for the fronts coils.

    Any pics of your progress?

    There are alot of people intrested in a tubular cradle like this one:
    ALOT of people, so I would say that the business opportunity is there for coil overs.

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