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Thread: What is this for?

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    Kirk Bryan Guest

    What is this for?

    Is this for draining the rad?

    Also the threaded hole on the neck of the filler hole is for the overflow correct? Can I just pick up the valve anywhere?

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    sbest Guest

    Re: What is this for?

    The petcock is for draining the rad Kirk, the peg fits in a rubber grommet to mount the rad and hold it in location I believe.

    Steve Best

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    Kirk Bryan Guest

    Re: What is this for?

    I know what the peg is was the "petcock" that I was unsure about.

    Thanks Steve and welcome to the club. You will like it here. These are a great bunch of guys. Just watch out for that Ed guy...oops, did I type that out loud??? :lol:

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    sbest Guest

    Re: What is this for?

    Well, I hope I can be of some help, a lot of grease under these fingernails! I am less than 2 weeks new to the world of SCs and I have the guts of mine spread all over the bench. Who needs a long romance before getting intimate?

    Incidently, Princess Auto has replacement petcocks on sale for about $0.89cdn at the moment. Kind of nice talking Canadianese for a change!

    Steve Best

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    fast Ed N Guest

    Re: What is this for?

    That's right Kirk, I heard that most 95 5-speed owners can be real jerkheads !!

    Ed N.
    95 SC 5-speed

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