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Thread: Opinions on this Combination of Interior

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    Les Borda Guest

    Opinions on this Combination of Interior

    Most of you have seen the inside of the Cougar including the well used drivers seat and almost well used passanger seat.

    The interior colour is a two tone denim blue with lots of black trim including an insert on the passenger side dash above the sliding tray that is black.

    What if I were able to get some pristeen black leather front seats and the rears with the 60/40 fold down and installed those in place of the denim blue ones.

    I have given up looking for seats because this colour on interior is hard to find and even harder to find with good seats. Re-upholstering os frightening in terms of cost.

    Opinions if you will please.

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    Paul Guest

    Re: Opinions on this Combination of Interior


    When I was scrapyard hunting through all the Tauruses (Taurii?) for my cup/coin holder I also looked through the T-birds they had and noticed many of them had seats in really good condition. I remember being suprised at this, and made a mental note to myself that this is where I'd begin searching if I had the need to replace my own seats. Just a thought...

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    fast Ed N Guest

    re: seats

    Hey Les

    I think that combo would look great !! Black goes with anything really, so go for it. Should look sharp against the blue interior.

    Ed N.

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